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    Meme of the Day. Got any good ones?

    At this point it feels like a tie. I can't get more time or more money.
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    Meme of the Day. Got any good ones?

    Ha that one took me a second
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    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Nice guitar! Welcome! I love Nova Scotia. Lotsa good memories from there. Just realized its been over 20 years since I was there. Last time I was in Halifax I had caught a ride hitchhiking in New Brunswick and the dude drove me all the way to Halifax and let me crash on his couch. And we...
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    List of Tubes viable for Guitar Amps?

    Those 6LQ6s were used in the classic McIntosh power amplifiers. I bet you could use those for output tubes in an amp no problem.
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    Goin' to Nashville - any advice?

    The Listening Room is cool to check out for songwriters. Similar to Bluebird but bigger and you can actually get in sometimes. Jim N Nicks has excellent barbecue. Carter's has been mentioned several times. Definitely visit the Ryman. Tons of good venues, hard to go wrong. I tend to stay away...
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    List of Tubes viable for Guitar Amps?

    I'm always interested to see what obscure tubes folks have used on amp builds. There's a ton of flea watt stuff in hi-fi circles. Always thought it would be cool to make a little bedroom amp like that, but I'd probably need a bit of playing with a tone stack to make it sound good. Excited to...
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    Lets build something that looks like an L5 archtop

    Looking real nice. Been fun and informative following this build.
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    Dolly Parton is a Class Act

    Dolly Parton gave me lots of kids books for my kids in their young years. No strings, no hoops. And not because I am special, she just gives little kids books. Sign up, get a free book every month. I had a friend around 20 years ago who loved to cross dress as Dolly Parton. He would go to all...
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    Am I crazy to buy this guitar with damage

    That first ding on a nice guitar always hurts the most. Look on the bright side - now you’re spared that pain and saved money
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    AliExpress Teles - The Real Deal or Fakes?

    Ha! That guy is Sicilian! But yeah that’s what popped into my head immediately too.
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    AliExpress Teles - The Real Deal or Fakes?

    I buy a ton of stuff from aliexpress. Electronic components. Chinese tubes. Transformers. Small speakers. Cheap clothes for costumes. I got a really nice Chi-fi tube amp for under $200 and have used it for 4-5 years with no problems. Is anything name brand? No way. The guitars for sale are all...
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    Good 12AY7s?

    The pin out doesn’t match but they are the same size as a standard 12A_7. So it’s not a drop in replacement but a good alternative for a new build. The specs are pretty close to the same. Only data sheet I have is in Cyrillic and I don’t speak Russian. So it’s pretty tedious translating but...
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    Guitar store riff?

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. Passed along the link to this thread to my buddy. Appreciate the help I always get here - y’all rock.
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    Guitar store riff?

    Well the store is located in New Mexico which is reliably about 20 years behind the rest of the country in most things. Maybe some grunge? 😁