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    Your favorite Texas Troubadours

    As much as I love my fellow native Texans that have contributed such very much to Outlaw Country, Texas Country, and really Country in all of its forms and offshoots, I don’t want others to get overlooked, so... Butthole Surfers & Toadies
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    Sorry To All You Jazzers, But I Think It Sucks...

    Before you give up on jazz, give a listen to The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery. One of my all time favorite albums. But it’s possible jazz just isn’t for you. Not a bad thing, not a good one... just a thing. You do you and listen to what inspires and intrigues you.
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    Supro build .

    Sorry; truly. I’d probably have a panic attack if I had that many random notifications, lol.
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    Upgrade from Yamaha Pac112J

    I have a number of guitars from all different price points and styles that I keep in (mostly) all different tunings (my new main main standard, well Eb Standard&Drop Db, guitar being a new Fender Vintera Mustang). However, point: My main Open Esus2 tuned electric is a Yamaha PAC012. I got a...
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    2019 Fender Vintera Mustang (MiM)
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    Jag build!

    Vintage tortoise shell.
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    The 10 Bar Chorus Debacle.

    I LOVE ABBA! I’ve never noticed this when listening to this song and now I can only hear it! Very cool!
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    The 10 Bar Chorus Debacle.

    I’m definitely in agreement that there are no wrong answers in music (well, maybe not none, but you know what I mean). And I definitely like my way of playing it and will continue. I plan on using the examples to help illustrate how “odd bar counts” can work. If we can’t resolve it, oh well...