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  • Hi there. As you offered in the forum, could I please get copies of your Telecaster 3D files? I've seen a 3D printed Strat I like but I've already got two Strats... so I'm planning to do the same style in a 3D printed Tele and having 3D files to start with would be a great timesaver. Email to [email protected] if that's the most convenient way to get them to me. Thanks!
    Hi Ed, seems like you're the man when it comes to building Tele's!
    Is sharing files something you still do?
    I'm running a new ShopBot, I typically use Vectic's Aspire software. I can use .dxf .dwg .eps .ai(use these the most) .crv and .crv3d
    Anything I've tried to download from this site.... links either don't work or files come out enormous with no measurements to scale things down to. Any help would be appreciated.
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