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    Things to Quit Saying

    ALDI sells „barista quality“ oatmilk
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    Things to Quit Saying

    „Piece“ for a guitar.
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    So many benefits to riding a bicycle......

    I many bikes. Tomorrow ibeill pick this beauty up. For free!
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    My Tele needs a replacement neck, tips needed.

    Get a Squier bullet. They have nice backs. Take the neck, sell the rest.
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    G&L's Placentia, the worst name for a product line ever?

    Harley Benton „Dullaham“ is not too bad.
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    Bigsby pedal

    I dig the tune the guys play. But: you can or shimmer chords in a song. What I hear is just the down-drop.
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    Tonemaster Twin in the Garage

    Had to switch some stuff around for the next Gig.
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    what´s the "magic 6" on fender amps about?

    What an old thread and how things have changed! I tried the „6“ on the 1-Watt setting on my Tonemaster Twin and it works just fine.
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    Anti hum painting mess is over

    And the middle pickup is a Twangbanger. the saddles fix a stringbreak issue. And since the bridgepup is a Quarterpound I use the switch like a toneknob. I use that strat for slideplaying with thick strings.
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    "Perfect" gigging amp

    Fender Tonemaster Twin. It made gigging so easy for me. Alwayssounds great. Can’t wait for tomorrow night to play again.
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    Anti hum painting mess is over

    The guitar is back to life. And quiet as a mouse. The mess was easily cleaned wir a bit of water and a scotch Brite. These 15 Euro maneuvre saved the guitar from a boring, unplayed life.
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    Anti hum painting

    What a mess! I painted everything. Even the tremblock and the back of the spring-department. I’m three hours we will see.
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    Old Timer's: What's the first 45 RPM record you ever purchased?

    Come together by the Beatles.
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    Chasing our tails

    Right on! If you have an audience that gets it, your tone is automatically 200% better.
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    First „real“ gig with a zt-lunchbox

    Hello friends, we played a nice gig last night and I wanted to see if my old lunchbox can do it. The little guy was super and the local guitarpolice could not believe what they heard. A lot of guys thought, that I used the big amp, that was standing next to it. 80 people in the audience, no...

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