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    Greetings and hello from MI

    Welcome and greetings from Ann Arbor to a fellow Michigander!
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    Let's see your watch.

    I never leave the house without a watch. It’s a habit. Mostly the Apple Watch, especially for work out, but also like to wear the ’Pepsi’.
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    Where are my Teles?

    a. 1977 Blonde, RW, all original - just swapping back and forth between stock and Seymour Duncan bridge PU. First owner - got her at the age of 15. Took me half a year to convince my mom - was a lot of money these days. b. 1984 or 85 Thinline MIJ c. 1975 Custom - picked her up for about $300 at...
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    Where are my Teles?

    Thanks, Stringbanger. Sure, will add some pics - let me see what I find - since my babies are abroad, can’t take one😕
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    Where are my Teles?

    Thank you. Love the Ark - saw Albert Lee and Robben Ford just before COVI D locked us down.
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    Where are my Teles?

    Ugh … don’t dare me ;-)
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    New Tele Guy from Cleveland, OH

    Hi to Cleveland. Best memories from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame when admiriring Muddy Waters red Tele. Place to be.
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    Where are my Teles?

    Back to the forum after a while to nurture my Tele addiction. Actually from Cologne, living now in Ann Arbor, MI for the last 6 years. I own 5 Teles and typically having one or two here in the US. But I kind of screwed up my guitar logistics. With COVID travel restrictions and no travel for...