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    Are expensive pickups worth it?

    When the bridge pickup on my 75 Strat died, I sent it to Lindy Fralin to be rewound to spec. Because it's an old Strat, and worth some money. Cost about $100. Sounds just right. When the bridge on my CV50s died, I replaced it with a Artec, which sounds every bit as good, if not better, than...
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    That's why I'm glad you're back... we should start a pool.
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    Glad to hear it! A great reason for me to stay around a bit longer...
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    I'm getting old I guess.... loud music sorta irritates me lol

    I've been at shows in smaller venues where the sound is so loud, and so poorly mixed, that I literally could not tell there was a drummer in the band if I closed my eyes. My wife is used to me bitching about the sound at shows, which seems to be pretty bad more often than good. We saw Tedeschi...
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    Choose one

    I had the hots real bad for something like #1 - lots of pickups, knobs, and switches. My parents got me a used one of these instead (not mine - pic off Reverb): I had enough sense to know that I had scored big time. This was Christmas, 1963.. I still have it.
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    Do you carry a pocket knife?

    I like knives and have a bunch in drawers and on shelves around the farm. I hate carrying anything extra in my pockets, and since the TSA confiscated my grandfather's pocket knife I used to carry, I just don't any more. As far as multi-tools, I just never saw much value in them. I have a lot of...
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    Mow your own lawn

    I don't have the income to pay anybody, and it would be hard to get a kid to come all the way out here. We have about an acre around the house that we consider "yard" and mostly needs mowing. Between the two of us and a riding mower, we stay ahead of it OK. Both officially in our 70s now, so who...
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    When Did Everything Become An Investment?

    Those quotes aren't from me?
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    I just hate thieves...

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    Painful Re-union

    I can't imagine getting together for less than 4 hours, especially for meeting up with old friends. The jam is just the icing on the cake. Seriously, are any of you requiring some high level of performance? Is somebody going to get fired if they make too many mistakes? This should be fun.
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    When Did Everything Become An Investment?

    An investment would be an asset that you expect to increase in value. Hardly anything you spend money on is an investment. Even your house is a liability if you're still paying for it.
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    Some people don't get the math thing ( Rant)

    Reprinted many times, and used in some college courses. Good stuff
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    I like being able to cook

    I started cooking because I like eating. And it's fun to serve really good stuff to friends and relatives when they visit. Almost every time we go to a restaurant, we realize that we could have done just as well or better ourselves at home. For a LOT less money. It's a really fun skill that...
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    Thinking about mowing....

    Doctor told me, in my wife's presence, that I need to stay away from mowing for a few more weeks, due to surgery on a highly sensitive area a month ago. Oh well...
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    How satisfied are you with your gear?

    I'm a 50¢ player with $5,000 worth of gear. Practicing is free. A nice PRS would inspire me to practice, though...Yeah, that's the ticket...