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    Thinking about a car lift for the new garage.

    Is the ceiling high enough? I want one too!
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    Record Sunfish in GA

    That’s why I added GA, hoping it would avoid confusion.
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    Record Sunfish in GA

    Thems good eatin.
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    Motorcycle Suggestions Welcome

    I don't disagree that they are dangerous, but of all the kids I went to HS with who didn't make it out, none were MC related.
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    Record Sunfish in GA That is one huge bluegill.
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    Motorcycle Suggestions Welcome

    That is a huge hit of nostalgia right there. To the OP, I would suggest staying away from 70s and 80s bikes unless you happen to also get a a lot of parts in a barn find. The parts are simply disappearing, slowly ending up in land fills and metal recycling bins. I know this from restoring...
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    Neighborhood getting scary

    Did she talk to your manager?
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    So, 15 years

    Things get complicated when you get past 18. anyone seen Mavis...?
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    So, 15 years

    The class of 2007 had it’s dreams.
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    So, 15 years

    Time flies like an arrow Fruit flies like old bananas
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    Summer Vacations.....

    Be sure to visit the Koloa tasting room
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    1949 Fender Telecaster? :includes video:

    @Rusty356 was busy for 9 years. Probably has a long "to do" list.
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    ...wrote Shakespeare.
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    What is your go-to boba tea?

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    Texas Woman buys ancient artifact at Goodwill

    But plenty of togas in all sizes.