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    Best Ipad nd ipad apps for gigs lyrics and set list

    Well i got onsong signed up for full version with month free like everything about the piece of **** except it loses my songs after i finish the buggiest ios app ive ever dealt with. Im so pissed ive entered the same song a couple times manually somewhat tedious. For it to only lose half of the...
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    Best Ipad nd ipad apps for gigs lyrics and set list

    Thanks to all im gonna get on song on a ipad pro
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    Best uad plugs for classic country

    For classic/outlaw country Got a uad quad and new mac mini. probably gonna do the 6 plug deal here is what im thinking any suggestions. 1api vision 2 neve 88 series 3.atr tape machine 4Pultec 5.Fairchild/la2a comp Emt 140 plate. thanks
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    Best Ipad nd ipad apps for gigs lyrics and set list

    Yep sounds like ill give em all a shot got a roland street cube ex. Today May grab another to link So full size or pro ipad. No air or mini
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    Best Ipad nd ipad apps for gigs lyrics and set list

    For practice and acoustic gigs i want a ipad for lyrics set list etc. which size do you guys think works best for this. Also any good apps for making set list that arranged lyrics. Also songwriting. Thanks to all
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    Why So Few Hardtail Strats?

    Im thinking a late 60’s hardtail is gonna be the vintage strat i go for eventually. Can find em cheaper than some supposed custom shops. I dont get it either i hate the vintage trem. The new ones are good though
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    I hate white pizza

    When i was in rehab my roommate was a muslim fella so we would take turns buying dinner he would get greek pizza. It was ok but his mom made balaclava desert omg. That stuff was so good i thought about converting
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    Evel buck tele

    Its billet im working on a snap in system because im gonna do rivets around it make it look like a 70’s harley you can jump busses and **** with
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    Is Eric Johnson the most signature/endorsed guitarist around?

    I thought it was. Joe the blooze lawyer bonamassa. That dude will chase an ambulance for a dollar.
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    Eric johnson virginia strat opinions

    I love regular ej strats. 12 in radius is my favorite radius. I ran across a ised Virginia in the ballpark of a used regular one. Any owners here. What are you guys opinions on them thanks
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    Evel buck tele

    No it was cheap import body in my local hile in the wall guitar shop
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    This is a telecaster? Really ?????? Steve Klein Guitars Tele

    Thats a pretty damn good deal for a klein.Bill frisell david torn some of them avant garde jazz set has played them played them in the 90’s. Thats funny when i first saw the salen i said the same another klein. But i love the salen want one so bad
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    Best version of fishman powerbridge.

    There is a local guitar shop. The guy is retiring soon. he has a older version of a new in the box fishman power bridge. I can probaly get a deal on. Is there a big difference. Which are the best versions thanks to all.
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    Evel buck tele

    Just finished what im calling my evel buck. Import body, mexican neck with locking tuners. texas special bridge pup. Man its got it. It plays and sounds well above the $550 i got in her. Gonna add a barden to the neck. Gonna add some rivets to the billet guard and want billet hardware made...