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    Broken Clavicle Anyone?

    Yep, it sucks big time. I fell through a ceiling and broke my right clavicle once. Like @Powdog said, get a figure 8 harness if you haven't already. That made a huge difference for me.
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    Songs that repeat lines over and over and over...

    I nominate the first 45 minutes of "I'm So Glad"...
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    Don’t throw out those old calendars

    The first engineering firm I worked for had a 1996 Hooters calendar in the men's room when I 1998. It finally got replaced around 2005, but in the interim span it was dutifully rotated to always show the correct month :lol:
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    Guitar Stand Rant

    This. They work great on all kinds of headstock shapes.
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    Any maths or arithmetic people out there?

    Not an engineer (yet) but I used an HP 35S and a HP 12C for a lot of years before I switched companies. It was weird going back to a regular scientific calculator. I'm learning Matlab now but am not a fan so far lol.
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    Gonna sell my old pickup truck

    Only 130k!? You could probably sell it and retire to a private island around these parts. People are seriously asking $12-$15,000 for clapped out rust bucket diesels with half a mill on the clock.
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    Hurricane Ian on the horizon.

    You know, it's kinda funny. I got a letter 2 weeks ago from my insurance broker telling me that my homeowners insurance company was leaving the state, and since my roof was from 2005 no one would insure it and I would need a new roof by December. I didn't lose a single shingle in either Ian or...
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    Hurricane Ian on the horizon.

    That was intense. We lost power around 3pm. Highest winds we saw was a 134mph gust. We're in Lehigh so thankfully no storm surge. So much destruction everywhere though. This was way worse than Irma.
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    Hurricane Ian on the horizon.

    Me as well. Stay safe!
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    Top loader to string-through body conversion?

    You may be able to flip the saddle over to get the compensated version. I bought a Wilkinson bridge and the saddles can be flipped from standard to compensated. Worth a look.
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    Ovation owners - tell me about your experiences

    I haven't owned one, but I've played a couple different models fairly often. The sound was ok I guess. Bright but sterile sounding. I just couldn't get along with the shape. It's roundness clashed with my roundness. Picture trying to balance 2 basketballs on top of each other. For skinny folk...
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    Just found this abomination on Facebook Marketplace

    And here I thought the amp was terrifying... Thanks for the nightmares :lol:
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    $2k+ Fake Tele at Goodwill?

    I don't really think there is an insider bidding the prices up, but that is a very real possibility. What I do see is the same stuff I see listed on Goodwill put up on Craigslist a week later to be flipped. I think that's what has happened to all the good deals you used to be able to find there...
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    $2k+ Fake Tele at Goodwill?

    I'm a perpetual browser even when I'm not in the market to buy anything, and I just ran across this guitar on the Goodwill auction site. I'm definitely no expert, but this screams fake to me. No serial number, blank ( & black) neck plate, hardware all looks cheap, yet it's sitting at over $2000...
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    Skunked Beer?

    I don't know if it's technically "skunked" per some chemical process, but whenever I have beer that has been cold / warm / cold cycled (i.e. left in a cooler over night after the ice melted) it always tastes like $%*& and we call that skunky around here.