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    Your Personal Tone

    I have multiple distinct tones, can't cover everything I want to play with just one sound. I'll describe the two I use the most. Both are pretty straightforward. The stoner/doom tone is just a cranked Orange head, my Gibson SG tuned to either C or B and a Big Muff. I'll mess around with the...
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    How satisfied are you with your gear?

    Solid three but could be a four. I have six guitars but only really use three (my seven string and my two SGs). Love both of my amps, an Orange OR15 and a Quilter Overdrive 202. The pedals are fantastic. Love my bass. I could sell the extra three guitars and get the strat I've been craving. A...
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    Guitar/Amp/Pedal wishlist

    All I really want is a strat, a Rat, and another Big Muff style fuzz. If I wanted to splurge... Maybe a nice BC Rich Warlock.
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    RIP Trevor Strnad

    I know that we don't have a big metal community here on TDPRI but we have lost a true titan in our world. Trevor was the lead vocalist for the melodic death band The Black Dahlia Murder. Gone at 41, supposedly a suicide. This one really, really hurts on a personal level. Trevor and his band have...
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    USA: status of soccer vs. american football,basketball etc.?

    So glad that Seattle won last night! First time an MLS team has won the CCL. I don't support Seattle (RBNY fan) but I do support our league in matches like this. Obed Vargas is looking to be a really solid player too, but seeing really young players is relatively common over here in MLS.
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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    I like Dave a lot but he's not the best for me. Tom Segura, Bill Burr, Sam Morril... Maybe even Ryan Sickler too.
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    Extremely Long Songs or Songs Meant to be Played in Order as One Piece of music That You Love?

    Long (15-20) minute plus songs are fairly common over here in the doom world... Just off the top of my head: Sleep's Dopesmoker Corrupted's El Mundo Frio and Paso Inferior Pretty much everything by Until Death Overtakes Me Pretty much everything by Bong
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    SLUDGE METAL? People tell me that it's not a real thing? :(

    Love Reagers era Vitus but Wino is not for me.
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    SLUDGE METAL? People tell me that it's not a real thing? :(

    Speaking of sludge... This is one of my new favorites, Gawthrop. They are something like a South Korean Noothgrush. I've never heard another band that gives me a similar vibe to Noothgrush so I was really excited to find them a week or so ago. Just pure filth. The South Eastern Nihilism Front...
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    I am going to post that again for our metal heads here.

    Everyone on here probably knows how much I love death metal at this point. Deicide is easily one of my personal favorites, I don't think I'd be stepping out of line to say they might even be one of the greatest DM bands ever. Their consistency throughout the years is astounding. I was running...
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    Favorite Band Name?

    Deicide, Eyehategod, Diocletian... Metal bands have the best names. I always thought Electric Wizard just sounded cool too. I've been listening to a Japanese melodeath band named Intestine Baalism quite a bit lately... Name makes no sense but sounds cool.
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    Instruments vs. Video Games

    I do both for roughly equal amounts of time. I like gaming and guitar equally. I'm usually listening to music when I game too so my musical brain is still twisting and turning as I smack some home runs or kill some dragons or whatever. I almost exclusively play single player games though. I'm...
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    What style guitar do you have the most of?

    Superstrats. I've had two Jackson Dinkys (one six string that I still have and a seven that I traded), an ESP SH-207, and an Ibanez S series that I sold to buy the ESP. I have two SGs as well, I tend to stick to a shape once I figure out that I like it.
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    Which band tshirt are you currently wearing?

    Black Seeds is number one for me. I don't know what it is about that record, just resonates on a different level. But their run from Nephren-Ka through Ithyphallic was absolutely insane, the best string of releases from any death metal band in my opinion. I'm an old school death and doom kind...
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    Which band tshirt are you currently wearing?

    In Their Darkened Shrines is one of my favorite Nile albums, I have a Christmas stocking with the album artwork on it actually. If hoodies count I'm repping Deftones today. If it's warm enough I'll probably wear my Witch Vomit shirt tomorrow which usually gets me some funny looks.

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