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    Preacher Movie review: The Gray Man

    My opinion is very much in line with yours, I would have liked to see a little more backstory, I felt very little connection to anyone on screen. How did you like Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys? I watched that recently and I became a fan.
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    6P6S vs 6V6GT

    I run an old pair of Sylvanias in my 5e3, but did some tube rolling a while back. A pair of 6p6s tubes sounded every bit as good to me as the Sylvanias.
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    '74 Traynor YBA-2B initial inspection and suggestions

    Nope, no other changes to the circuit. I wanted to try it stock for a while before deciding on mods, although if there is anything I'm likely to do in the future it would be to reduce the coupling caps to make it a little less dark overall.
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    '74 Traynor YBA-2B initial inspection and suggestions

    I picked up a 1976 YBA-2B with EL84s a couple months ago, so far I love it! Mine had two 40uF Mallory caps instead of the single 40+40 you have. I replaced mine with 47uF F&T caps. I replaced the other blue electrolytics as well, but left the mustard caps as they all measured within spec and the...
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    Which one would you keep - Hot Rod Deluxe or Traynor YBA-2B Bass mate?

    I have both, a HRD III and a '76 YBA-2B with EL 84s. I've had the HRD for about 10 years and gigged with it regularly for a couple years. In my experience, it's a solid workhorse that never let me down and does great clean tones and is extremely pedal friendly. I really dislike the HRD overdrive...
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    Favorite lyric? A line from a song that stands out to you.

    The water tastes funny when you're far from your home but it's only the thirsty that hunger to roam. - Rocky Mountain Time, John Prine
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    Forgotten Songs of the 90's

    I got this Cornershop CD for Christmas around 1997, and can tell you the entire album is great and experimental and unique and just plain wonderful.
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    How Many Amps Do You Have?

    Let's see... -Fender Hot Rod Deluxe v3 -Fender 65 PRRI -Silvertone 1484 -Vox AC4TV -Monoprice 15 Watt -Monoprice 5 Watt -Traynor YGL-2 -Traynor YBA-2B (EL84 version) -Traynor Darkhorse -homemade 5E3 -homemade 5F1 -Fender Mustang V head -Peavey Bandit 112 (teal stripe) -Vox Pathfinder 10
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    Traynor YBA-2B (EL84) - is this a death cap?

    Here's a picture of the front. Only one switch, the power switch, and the indicator light is labelled 'Power'.
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    Traynor YBA-2B (EL84) - is this a death cap?

    Actually there's no standby switch in this amp, and it was coming off one of the indicator light lugs. One lug of the indicator light has the live coming from the power switch and one lead of the primary, and the other lug had the Neutral, Primary, and lead of the cap in question.
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    Preamp tube tester

    good to know, I'll try them out in my PRRI tremolo, thanks!!
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    Preamp tube tester

    Excess noise, crackles, etc... that follow the tube. Thanks for taking the time to write all that out! After my post yesterday I did a deeper dive into emission testers vs transconductance testers and spent an hour or so reading what you summarized so well. So I suppose a better choice of words...
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    Preamp tube tester

    Funny enough, I picked up an emission tester a couple weeks ago, and it just tells me every tube is good, even known-bad ones :)
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    Monoprice 5 watt chassis removal

    I put an NFB switch in mine, and modified the 22k resistor in the NFB circuit. Using an ON-OFF-ON DPDT switch I have values 22k, 46k, and the centre position disconnects the NFB. It's a fun mod that makes a noticeable difference right away, but also increases the background hiss quite a bit...
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    Monoprice 5 watt chassis removal

    It's been a while since I took the chassis out of mine, but if I remember correctly, it really was just the 6 screws. I think I had to give it a good push to actually remove it as the deformed steel around the screw holes of the chassis was getting caught on something in the cab. But with the...