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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    Ooh. Now we’re cooking. Time to bust out the skis.
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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    Colorado being Colorado.
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    Last Song Which Had You Crank The Volume?

    I rehearsed with a band last night and they broke out this version. I’m more familiar with the Sweetheart version. I cranked this’n on the way home.
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    Gretsch 6120 Eddie Cochran: opinions?

    I've wondered what the Eddie Cochran was like as well and hope to find one to try out sometime. I'm sure the neck is amazing... The Eddie would have plenty of twang, but I'd bet it isn't anywhere near the same as a Tele. Probably closer to the 6620. By the way, I have a 6620 also and the neck...
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    NGD! Gibson SG Special!

    My favorite SG model.
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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    Dog about town.
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    This Creston tele has been my favorite gig guitar for a while. It’s got a Lollar low wind imperial in the neck and a new Gemini Suprocaster in the bridge. This combo works really well for me, quite versatile.
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    Billy Woodward - Heartworn Hopeless Highway

    Great new tune from a great songwriter and a prince of a dude. Billy did the animation as well... hope some of y'all enjoy!
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    Cool guitar, love the color. It looks bound?
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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

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    Got my Warmoth Yellow Tort guard, and it fits!

    Looks great! What bridge you got there?
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    Suntan for Partscaster

    Try to harness the ingredients found in suntan pills for this application.
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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    Crazy Colorado weather. 90- degrees in the Wet Mountain valley today.
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    Stronger strings?

    I've just started using D'Addario XS. Supposedly very strong and superior tuning stability, yada yada... coated with a coat of special D'Addario super-strong string slime, etc. We'll see how they hold up, but I've never had anything but good results with D'Addario. Maybe these can be found in...

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