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    It smelt a little fishy...

    ^^^^^ MUDSHARK! ^^^^^^^
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    It smelt a little fishy...

    here in AK we have a bunch of tournaments and prizes. the judges look close at the fish and guys have been caught doing stuff like bringing a Kenai Coho (bigger subspecies) over to the Seward Silver Salmon Derby. a judge thats in the know can recognize the difference by sight.. don't even need...
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    Live PA Trauma...Not fun with no extra set of hands to help.

    two words: drum solo
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    Change 1x15 to 2x10?

    why not a 12? or for that matter, the right single 10.
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    Why Would A Lady Do This?

    Guessing its because she has some kind of giant gash that needs medical attention. a proper cleaning and censing should suffice
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    Transfering images onto PCBs?

    take the artwork to a printer. for instance there are "Office quack" and "Fred's ex" stores all over. have them print it on piece of clear transparency material (whatever its called these days) and yeah, if you have the clear sheet you can print on it with a jet but it is easy to rub off... you...
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    Tele with 3 sets of knobs

    it's real then? if so, how many were made by Fender and its not really "payola" like the payola that DJs got to spin certain records on the air
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    The Texans

    I'm glad
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    Tele with 3 sets of knobs

    what is this thing?
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    1975 Cold Case Solved In Our County!

    the guy that murdered my sister in law (confessed) got life in prison. 8 years later... he's out on parole. she is still dead as far as I know...
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    James Burton has kidney cancer!?!

    wish him the best
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    You know you're done for when your head turns white

    "because I have a ... " insert statement that will get you thrown off the forum you would think people that work in the business would know these things
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    Some B&W pictures....

    PS... if anybody is still running a wet darkroom (or can use them) I have some premium enlarging lenses I'll make a really good deal on... like pay the shipping. enlarging lenses for 35mm up to 6x17. Nikon, Schneider, Leitz, Rodenstock. its all thats left.. I have sold cheap or given away...
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    Some B&W pictures....

    I had a Praktika!! it was my second "real" camera after my Tower 18B bit the dust in the mid/late 60s. the Tower (rangefinder) was a really good camera, but it croaked. I got the Praktica, which was an SLR, Pentax thread I think, but all I has was the stock 50. I farted with it a bit then...