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    Florida Man.......

    I grew up in Florida. I lived in Ybor City back in the 80's and my neighbor had the brilliant idea of climbing up on a sign on the side of the road to steal the Parrot chicks that just hatched. The parents were Blue McCaws, they were valuable so the chicks should be very valuable. He didn't...
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    Original Klon Overdrive Pedal

    I'm sorta with Big Ben 55 on this one. I had a chance to crank up a 66 Super Reverb and play my 52RI through it and thought it was a religious experience, The way the highs sang and the notes compressed was just magical to me. And I have a 65 Bassman that I have it on good authority Leo had an...
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    NGD. TelStrat

    I like it! I also seem to remember seeing pictures of Eric Clapton playing a Sunburst TelStrat from the early-mid 70's. Prob from the time he acquired Brownie and Blackie if I had to guess. Anyway your pictures gave me a bad case of Marty Feldman eyes! Now go out and play it like there's no...
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    Weirdo Paint Job!

    I hate to think what he would say about some of the paint jobs I have done. Buy it!
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    NGD - Finally found a use for my Cort

    I would have done the same thing. Cool looking Gretsch you got there
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    I swore off SG's and now I have 2....

    To the OP, don't feel bad about 2 SGs, I have four! I don't know how these things happen I have a guitar someone wants more than their SG and then POW! another guitar that was designed to help me be the best musician I can be. As a matter of fact there's a '05 in Heritage Cherry with a Bat Wing...
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    NGD Jazzmaster 60s Lacquer!

    I think you'll be very happy. I find that I play outside my normal Rut every time I pick up my Jazzy. Congrats on your new guitar and the cool color!
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    mounting a fitertron?

    These screws are deff a pain in my back side. If I drop the Filtertron in the neck hole the screws hit the body wood and the pickup's top is almost flush with the fretboard. I don't have to string up the guitar to know that that's too close. So my choices are cut the screws shorter or invest in...
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    mounting a fitertron?

    I wasn't really sure if this was the stupidest post I had ever written or not. I'm glad that I'm getting some serious replies. BorderRadio you mention that you are going to tweak the depth of your Cab's route. How deep are you planning on going? I have to admit that I have some doubts about this...
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    mounting a fitertron?

    Maybe better somewhere else, but thought I'd start here. A lot of Cabronitas out there and I've always thought it would be nice to have one, but every time I had the money a different guitar would show itself. So I decided to mount a Filtertron in the neck of one of my Teles. I found a second...
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    NGD: Les Paul

    That's a beautiful combination. Congrats on the Les Paul.
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    NDG: Shell Pink Fano Alt De Facto SP6

    Yeah that is one sweet guitar. I really like the look of the black and tort, it's just made for shell pink. Before I sign off I have to compliment your taste in straps as well. LOVE IT ALL!!!
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    would you buy it ?

    I own a Gibson V. My wife bought it for me a couple of years ago after she heard me playing it through my Marshall head I had just taken to the shop. Anyway, I almost never play it and I only play it standing up. But that one, no it's not my cup 'o tea.
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    NGD 05 PRS CE 24!

    I felt motivated to look at it again today and it is a 24 fret. The Birds are one of the drawbacks that have kept me from pulling the trigger. I owned a '87 Custom that had Moons once. She was a beast and easily the most beautiful guitar I've ever owned, but I hung with a rough crowd and felt a...
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    NGD 05 PRS CE 24!

    You have a beautiful family of PRS' there Iceman. I've been looking at a new CE 22 in Whale Blue, but I'm having a hard time parting with the cash. What's the name of the color? it looks Peachy on my monitor.