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    Your Personal Tone

    I’m using a Traynor YBA1A and an AC30CC2 in stereo. I dime them, more or less. These days I use attenuators. I guess my tone is similar to lukather in the old days. I’m not a fan of his modern tone. I have a ton of distortion pedals, chorus, delay, univibes, etc but give me my old SD-1 into...
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    50s Adventures of Superman theme

    Man that takes me back. I loved that show. I remember one where a wanted criminal sealed himself inside a cube of some kind of substance that even Superman couldn’t get through. Superman went to a scientist friend of his that told him to rearrange his atoms to allow him to walk through solid...
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    Want to add a cheap overdrive

    I have a ton of those kinds of pedals, I’ll let you know after I get home. I do know the Kokko Supa Drive is really cool. $20 on Amazon.
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    Help with replacing input jacks on AC30CC2 please

    The input jacks on my AC30CC2 have gone bad. They use those crappy plastic Cliff jacks that are flimsy as hell. The jacks are attached to an printed circuit board which is removable when the jack nuts are unscrewed and the ribbon cable is disconnected from the chassis. In addition to the jacks...
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    Locking tuner upgrade?

    As long as we’re talking about locking tuners, I have a question. Are they heavier than non locking ones? I’m worried about neck dive.
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    Restoring one of the wine crate guitars I made in my teens.

    Very cool project. Makes me feel better about some of the partscasters I’ve built.
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    A year after procuring the Mickey Baker book

    I still have my copy I bought in the mid seventies. At the time I was just playing basic rock and roll chords and pentatonics. It really opened up new paths and new ways of thinking for me. I think it’s good because he gave basic jazz progressions that you could substitute in songs with...
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    The housing market is BONKERS

    I live in the Atlanta area, about 15 minutes from the city. I bought my house in 1996 for $84k, the taxes were about $800 a year. It’s been a stable neighborhood and I’m right next door to the biggest interchange in the area. Last year Zillow said my house was worth $250k. This week I...
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    The Big Four Of Iconic Guitars

    I have a list of four guitars that are iconic but none of them are on the OP’s list so I won’t post them. None of them are on his list, and disagreement isn’t acceptable. Oh, and I’ve never heard of that Duffy guy either.
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    The Tube Screamer Club!

    I have a ts-5 I converted to a ts-808, a bad monkey, and a couple of twenty dollar Chinese green things.
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    Changes to pot value moving from Vol/Tone to Vol only?

    If you add a resistor to the volume pot the taper will change. So, it won’t be the same. I think correct taper is more important then the tiny bit of treble boost gained by removing the pot. I still think removing the tone pot is the answer, plus it’s easy to test: disconnect the hot lead to...
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    Changes to pot value moving from Vol/Tone to Vol only?

    I have 8-9 guitars. All but one are volume pot only. They all have the traditional 250k or 500k pots, depending on what pickups are in the guitar. They all sound great. I don’t hear any difference and don’t miss the tone pots at all. You won’t either. Make sure you buy a good quality...
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    A New User is following me.

    Sure it’s not a woman??
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    PSA - Chicken Leg Thighs

    Yup, here in Atlanta thighs and chicken legs are dirt cheap. Pack of ten for either one: $5-$8. Pack of sixteen wings? $22-$25