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    Anyone like the VoxAc10c1?

    I've been playing for 50 years, or so. In that time I've owned all the big name amps, and plenty of small name too. For home use, recording, and small venue gigs, my special edition AC10c1-vb, that came with upgraded valves, and a celestion creamback is the best I have found. I didn't plan on...
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    I’m thinking about a mandolin

    Also meant to say that if you get a good one, you'll never have any problems being heard. They are loud little buggers, but as an earlier poster said, you only notice this from out front. From the players position, you can be misled into thinking that because a mando is small it makes a small...
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    I’m thinking about a mandolin

    Don't bother with anything other than a US made one. Thousands and thousands of Gibson and Martin mandolins were made in the middle of the last century, and many are still around. I'm in the UK, and they are even common over here. I've seen good examples of both makes go for £500 british pounds...
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    Tele Control Plate Poll: Standard, Reversed Tele Controls or Something Else

    I like a reversed control plate with the controls evenly spaced.
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    Apple computer for recording/video editing

    Have you thought of an ipad? I use mine all the time for audio (Auria Pro) and video (Luma Fusion). The big, big advantages are that it's silent and you can work anywhere.
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    Home Recording Software

    I've tried them all. I've settled on an ipad running Auria Pro. I can record/mix/master anywhere, and the ipad is totally silent. PC's are not.
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    Probably my last gig of the year…and boy, was it cold!

    Gig? What's a gig? haven't been able to play one in the UK since March. FB and Zoomy things don't count.
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    What amp has been the best match for you and your Tele?

    Vox AC10c1 VB The souped up one, with Creamback and JJ valves. Quiet enough for home, loud enough for gigs. And so cute looking.
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    NAD. Vox AC 10 again!

    Used to have one when they first came out. I was fond of it when it worked, but after it let me down 3 times (various problems) it went back to Vox under guarantee. I swore I would never have another. I now use a SS Peavey for live work. Well I did until March! Whatever, I fancied a valve amp...
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    Welcome to my YouTube channel...

    They should never have transferred production to China.
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    Julian Bream

    I went through a period when I studied classical guitar, and I always enjoyed Julian's playing and adventurous repertoire.
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    NAD Supro Blues King 12

    Sorry, never had a princeton so can't comment.
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    NAD Supro Blues King 12

    I'm very pleased with my bluesKing 8. 1 watt is perfect for home and recording. I realised today that this is the only amp I have ever had that I don't have to fiddle with to get a good tone on all three tele pickup settings. Once i have a good sound I can leave the controls where they are and...
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    Ebony pins

    It's a cheap and easy mod. Doesn't always improve matters - some guitars sound the same whatever pins you have. Whenever I get a new guitar I always experiment, some like bone, some ebony, some rosewood, and there are some that do like brass, not many though in my experience.
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    Why WOULD you recommend tube over solid state?

    SS for gigs, usually a Peavey. Valves for home, usually a Supro. Best of both worlds. and I love them both equally.