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    Infamous Relatives? You had one

    Richard Nixon :oops: My great grandmother was his aunt or something.
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    Ok so who’s put out a release on cassette?

    My band did one in about '94. I still have a couple of cassettes somewhere.
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    My MIM tele is super bass heavy and muddy, even after replacing the pickups to fender 52 reissue pickups

    Pickups too close to the strings will make it sound muddy and distorted. I'd look there first, then get into electronics.
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    Mystery volunteer plant

    Cool! Now eat it!
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    Neck Bend After Only One Year??

    At least for me that's pretty normal when the weather changes. This last year did seem especially bad; all my guitars went grossly out of tune suddenly and needed truss tweaks both last fall and this spring.
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    I feel sorry for whomever steals my guitar.

    Two out of three of my SEs came with them; other was a B-stock. They're nice bags with decent padding and storage space; better than some of the other ones I've had. Not that I use them, the guitars hang on the wall and I'll usually take a hard case if I'm leaving the house.
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    Which other modulation or effect is most common in rock music?

    Didn't see anyone saying this so far, but you should get a wah wah if you don't have one. Wah changed my life back in the late '80s. It's the perfect icing on the cake now and then; use it for rhythm or lead, clean or dirty. You're playing a great lead and you wish you had just a little more...
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    Most Overused Words In Rock Music

    There it is. Now I'm gonna write a song called Baby Girl C'mon.
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    Am I the only guy who uses the overdrive in an overdrive pedal?

    I don't use an OD pedal. It's distortion for me, and I use it.
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    Why do people pay more than they should for reissues?

    I have a Supro re-issue. I've heard the model it was based on and it does sound a lot like it. That's what you pay for when you get one.
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    Edge: Great Guitarist?

    Used to be into U2 and still have my old Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby albums. Can't stand to hear them anymore, not sure why. Same with The Police. Great guitarist - I'm not sure. My standards are pretty high for me to consider someone great. EVH, Jeff Beck, and Hendrix were/are great...
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    Can you bend your pinky w/o bending your ring?

    Not with my left (fretting) hand. My entire left side of my body is stupid or something. I couldn't throw a ball more than about 20 feet with my left arm either. I can bend my right pinky without my ring finger moving no problem though.
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    The Desert Island Amp brand revisited

    Mesa Boogie. My number 1 right now is a MB.
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    Creating headstock applique from original artwork

    Are you thinking color or black and white? I've used my laser printer to print black onto a clear Avery sheet. It's a low budget way of doing it. I did it with half a dozen parts guitars about six years ago and they still look like they did when I put them on. I didn't spray clear over them -...
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    Why Did I Ever Bother to Learn to Play Things Like This?

    OP: About half the music I listen to now sounds like that. Very nice! Great tone too. May I ask amp and effects you use?