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    So... MIM ceramics sound great to me

    I have an old tele that I wanted to sell, but something happened to the stock bridge pickup and it wasn't working. I don't know if a wire got severed while it was in and out of my parts toolbox, but whatever happened, it generated no sound and was dead to my multimeter. So I bought a cheap set...
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    4-Way Switch w/ Dimarzio Chopper T

    I've got a Dimarzio Chopper T in the bridge of one of my Teles. There's a Dimarzio Twang King in the neck. This is a cool combo because I get a medium-hot PAF-ish humbucker in the bridge, a very Tele-sounding middle position, and a clean, woody-sounding neck pickup tone. The only thing I'm...
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    Ripped open by Jason Isbell

    Some of my favorite Isbell tunes are from when he was in the Truckers (Decoration Day, ******* Lonely Love...), but he's done some great solo work over the past few years. Compared to DBT, his stuff is relatively polite. I think a lot of people who like Isbell would really appreciate Mike...
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    How did I screw up the wiring in this Tele Deluxe?

    Solved the problem by switching the wires on the jack. Hot ground issue.
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    How did I screw up the wiring in this Tele Deluxe?

    I've got a Tele Deluxe. I tried some aftermarket humbuckers and now I've swapped the old ones back in. This isn't my first rodeo with wiring up guitars. I've done several. But I've got this problem: There's a lot of buzz! When I touch the strings or the hardware, the buzz gets even louder. I...
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    After performing some mods on my Player Tele...

    ...I ended up returning it to stock. What a great guitar! The stock pickups are excellent. The only changes I made that I'll keep are the 4-way switch and a treble bleed on the volume pot. Other than that... perfection. The fact that it's a cheap guitar actually helps me enjoy it because I can...
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    breaking in speakers?

    Put the amp in a spare room or closet somewhere. Use a looper pedal to record yourself playing Smells Like Teen Spirit or Voodoo Chile or whatever. Play that on loop through the amp. Close the door and go about your day while it plays over and over. You could even go back after X number of hours...
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    So, why all the bird hate?

    This right here. Non-guitarists don't always think of guitars the way we do. We (well... most of us here, I guess) see guitars as these tough, powerful, utilitarian things we use for making raunchy music. Those birds just seem incongruous because they're so pretty and delicate. To me, they just...
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    I called the police, would you have called the police?

    I'm honestly pretty surprised by the number of people who think calling the cops was the right thing to do. The OP has doubts, which why the question was asked to begin with. Here's how I see it: If someone is sitting in his/her car for awhile and there is no evidence that he or she is actively...
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    I called the police, would you have called the police?

    I think the fact that you're asking whether you should have called the cops is all you need to know. You shouldn't have called the cops. A police officer's job is to arrest and/or fine people, using force if necessary. Since this person wasn't actively involved in a crime, calling the police...
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    Which pickup for a great overdrive sound in tele bridge??

    Yep! The DiMarzio Pre-B1 is absolutely perfect for the "I want a rock 'n roll Tele that can growl like an SG while still somehow sounding totally like a Tele" problem. I have one in my favorite MIM Tele and LOVE it. It's also super cheap and readily available.
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    What pickup really knocked your socks off?

    The Dimarzio Pre-B1 bridge pickup for Tele was my happiest surprise. It's THE answer to the "I want a pickup that growls like a P90 or humbucker but also still sounds totally like a Tele" thing that so many people, myself included, seem to be after. It's a phenomenal pickup that has actually...
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    I've quit smoking

    I've quit cigarettes, weed, and booze. My only "vice" these days is a modest amount of caffeine in the AM. I'm also in my 30s and live in a pretty freewheeling liberal community, so my abstinence is seen as peculiar by many! It's all been worth it, though. If it's any motivation to you, here's...
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    Knobs: They absolutely must be out of the way

    I mean, I'm totally capable of adjusting my playing when I pick up a Strat. My first guitar was a Strat. I've recorded with a Strat. I've owned 4 or 5 Strat-ish guitars over the years. It's not that I can't do it. It's just that I don't like playing with the guarded and - to me- unnatural...
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    Knobs: They absolutely must be out of the way

    Bwahaha the exact opposite of me! I also dislike belly cuts. I want all of my guitars to be solid hunks of wood with no contours. I think they hang better from a strap that way. To each his own, indeed!

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