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    What was Guitar Center like in the mid 80's to early 90's?

    Higher end stuff & less import crap.
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    I have never been more sure about this, but I'm also scared to death about it.

    Don't do it. Marriage is a fool's game & only benefits the woman Just live together 68 & never married; no kids Wouldn't have it any other way
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    Could be worse...could be RAP!
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    Most comedians aren't funny.

    Well, I was gonna mention Bill Burr, but you mentioned him already. Funniest comedian out there nowadays.
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    James Honeyman Scott!

    "probably my last true guitar hero." Have you never heard Danny Gatton, Tommy Emmanuel,Scotty Anderson, Joscho Stefan, Greg Koch, etc?
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    Songs I never want to hear again.....

    Sweet Home Alabama All southern rock All reggae Most classic rock New rock of any kind new country.
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    Would You Relocate To Mars If Given The Opportunity?

    Not unless I could bring my Harley.
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    Reviving the "Why vintage guitars are not worth the money" discussion

    New guitars or amps don't interest me in the slightest. I only play original vintage Fenders,Gibsons,Mosrites, etc. While new guitars generally have better fit & finish than originals, they don't have the dynamics, tone or touch sensitivity that vintage guitars have, and this cannot be...
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    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Well, I grew up & lived in NYC till I was 45, no explanation needed there. Now I live in a little country town in west central Florida...ain't famous for Nuthin'...'cept maybe stupid rednecks & bad driving.
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    How to sneak a guitar under the wife’s radar

    REAL men ain't afraid of their wives & do what the hell they want. Of course, that's one reason why marriage is a fool's game nowadays.
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    GC selling used HBs for more than new $

    Don't care. Only play vintage original guitars anyway.
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    Is Old Music Killing New Music?

    I hope so. New music SUX! Especially rap & metal.
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    They have really good, cheap wine...$2.97/bottle!
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    They said it couldn't be done...We DID it!

    "You are actually giving folks what they want to hear, they just didn’t know it" Exactly my point! You would NOT believe how many audience members sing along with "Because","How Do You Do It", or "Sugar Sugar"!
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    They said it couldn't be done...We DID it!

    Because I'm getting older & grouchier, gigging has become a real PITA. My biggest issue is the musical ignorance of most audiences; dunno what's it's like in y'all's neck of the woods, but in my area,(West Central Florida) the only thing the people know here is metal, classic rock & southern...