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Scottsdale, AZ USA


Friend of Leo's, from Scottsdale, AZ USA

Greetings Vasilelos. I will reply by personal message. Jun 4, 2019

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    1. DHart
      Greetings Vasilelos. I will reply by personal message.
    2. Vasileios
      Also, to connect my P.C to the YAMAHA AG06 through USB connection in order to Recording my guitar, my two microphones and the backing track in the Cubase AI 10, at the same time. Also, to listen music from you tube.
      Do you think I need to make some corrections?
      Thank you for your time and your concern!
    3. Vasileios
      I am an amateur guitar player. 10 days ago I bought the EPIPHONE Ltd Slash Les Paul Standard and I wait to buy the THR10 new version (after about a month, when this model will be available in Europe).
      My thought is this:
      Because I would like to do the same as I see in your photo of your studio, I want to buy the YAMAHA AG06 and to connect on it the two M-Audio BX D3 and the THR-10 (from the headphones output).
    4. Vasileios
      Dear DHart
      Greetings from Athens
      I have separated my message, because there is a limit of characters on this forum, this is Part one.
      I like your idea to connect M-Audio BX (2 pieces) with the THR10 phone out.
      Please, I would like to have your help in order to be sure for my decision.
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    Scottsdale, AZ USA


    The music means everything, and tone brings the MAGIC. :)
    I play a sort of indie/pop style of music. I also enjoy jazz, rock, bluesy, and world beat.
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