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    What were The 70's really like?

    The '70s were mostly the best years of my life (I turned 18 in '71). I was balls to the wall.
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    Guitar Quirks - Little Things That Should Not Throw You Off But They Do

    Maple boards, Bigsbys, poor upper fret access, Explorers, Vs, Mustangs and Jazzmasters, Rickenbackers, 8s, GC, automatic tuners, locking output jacks, baseball bat necks, the Nuge...
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    You know you live in Wisconsin when....

    Y'all sho 'nuff talk funny.
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    Guitar Quirks - Little Things That Should Not Throw You Off But They Do

    I play with my eyes closed.
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    Who likes really low action and flat relief on electric guitar?

    Action pretty low, small amount of relief. 10s on solid bodies, 11s on semi hollows, 12s on hollows. Do all my own setups, don't measure anything. Go by sight and sound. I've had guitars that needed seasonal setups, but they seem to have settled in pretty well. Haven't had to tweak a truss rod...
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    Diabetics that eat junk food - wth?

    Better to be shot from a cannon than squeezed from a tube. Life is for living, but moderation has its place. It's anyone's life to live as they see fit, and we all know the inevitable consequences. Not your call. One of the biggest issues I have is that, unless you do all of your own cooking...
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    Forum Names

    Nickname for over 40 years. My porn name is Duke Hemphead.
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    Maple vs Rosewood. A poll.

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    Your Personal Tone

    I'd call it stoner/jam-band rock. Clean, touch of reverb and delay, occasionally minimal distortion, melodic.
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    Do you play or noodle ?

    I no longer have structured practices to improve. My sessions now involve playing songs I know with improvised solo parts that end up being just noodling. I should probably try to be more faithful to the melodies in my improvisations, but I'm really just playing intervals over the changes...
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    Do you eat the skin of your baked potato?

    Yes. And I eat the skin on a peach.
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    I don't enjoy dancing

    Music that makes you want to move, music that swings is what it's all about. "Dance music," or music written for the express purpose of dancing, or DJs spinning dance tunes, don't really do it for me, and I'd rather be somewhere else or doing something else. Death to Disco.
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    How to Develop Cool Solos

    I can hear and play the changes, no sweat, but I'm not great at developing the melody. Working on it. Developing rhythms within the ones in the melodies can be important in an improvisation, also. And dynamics...