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    Meme of the Day. Got any good ones?

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    *THE* Random Picture Thread

    The Montezuma cypress in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca is wide enough—38 feet in diameter—to accommodate 15 students in a line.
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    Some people don't get the math thing ( Rant)

    OP's situation is not uncommon for me - If I was preparing a claim and other side wanted a settlement number I'd say "x" When they countered with "y" my next offer was "X+ a bit more" and it went up from there. Folks w/ experience with my office generally found it smartest to end the game...
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    New word Rant

    okay, then; I'll give you another response that grates on me instead: "100%"
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    *THE* Random Picture Thread

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    So I mentioned Orange County Choppers recently and how fake that show was...

    Next thing you're gonna say those Housewives aren't Real!
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    Post A Pic That Makes You Smile !

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    Considering resonator - Will I PLAY IT??

    I missed out on a generous offer to buy a Duolian from a well known/respected forum member last year. Took some time off, then a Gretsch Honeydipper kinda fell into my lap. Surely, experts will tell you, there's a world of difference between the two, but I'm not able to go back in time to nail...
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    This One Came Out With Attitude

    Looking forward to the set-necks to come - If they're half as nice as these, they will be fine. Peace - Deeve
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    N(Harley)Day Not a Benton!

    AMF was HD's Norlin-era, folks. No; I did not even like their logo Harley Davidson AMF 1975 Tank Decals / Stickers
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    Found an old friend.

    I've got mixed feelings about looking up lost connections (in my case) but I understand how much it meant to know what happened to your old biz partner. Peace - Deeve
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    N(Harley)Day Not a Benton!

    Hey - when I owned that 360, I thought IT was hot. This is hot AF (and I don't mean AMF) Peace - Deeve
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    Favorite Song about Fighting

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    *THE* Random Picture Thread

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    Meme of the Day. Got any good ones?