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    Pod Go and Pedal Steel

    Took my Pod Go to practice today with my pedal steel. I used a Clean Fender sound run straight to the mixer and was blown away how great it sounded!
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    Jen Larsen Jazz Guitar Roadmap

    Has anyone tried this course? Would love to hear your experience Thanks
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    HNGD. Another Jason Isbell Tele

    You have a great guitar there! I purchased aJI Tele last year and consider it one of my best purchase ever! Enjoy.
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    Playing with A Thumb Pick Or BumbleBee Pick

    Thanks Wireline, that is the pick I use on pedal steel and like it better than anything I have tried! I guess maybe my question is what to do when you need to flatpick 1/8 notes. The hybrid stuff feels much more natural using thumb pick. I have been using a flatpick for a long time and so far...
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    Playing with A Thumb Pick Or BumbleBee Pick

    I have been expermenting with playing with a thumb pick and a Fred Kelly Bumble Bee pick. I have been playing pedal steel with thumb pick and metal fingerpicks for the last 3 years and would like to make the switch to electric guitar, Can anyone recommend some exercises or course to help make...
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    Jason Isbell Telecaster vs American Original/Vintage

    I bought a JI Tele last fall. I have never had a Tele I have bonded with like this one. Everything about it feels right for me.
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    Which PRS SE

    I wound up with a SE 245, mainly because I found a used one locally that I could play. Very nice guitar! Thanks for all of the suggestion
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    Which PRS SE

    I am considering a PRS Se but would like opinions on which model. I play country and blues mostly clean with a little dirt sometime through a Twin or Quilter amp. No metal or distorted music. I own a Telecaster and a Peavy JF1EX and would like to purchase a guitar that compliments these guitars...
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    Home practice solution needed

    Thought I would follow up on my last post. I had just gotten a pod go. I wound up returning it and buying a pair of Boss Waza headphones, which I have had for a while now and they are perfect for my needs!
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    Set list for assisted-living, senior housing, nursing homes

    I did these type of gigs a lot before Covid! I sang mostly old country and gospel but every song I sang was a huge hit in its day. I always told the folks my job was to take them down memory lane. If you can make them 25 again in their mind you have succeeded!
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    I wanted to love the new ToneMasters

    I have had a TM Twin since May of 20 and have used it most days since then. I don’t know if it sounds like a tube twin or not since I don’t own one. I do know it sounds great to my ear and with the xlr out and the different watt settings it is perfect for my needs. I view the TM as a different...
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    Chicken Pickin' Educational Material

    I do better one to one, I think I need the accountability! I do best with small pieces of info. Although it is not chicken picking I have gotten the most from Active Melody online.
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    Chicken Pickin' Educational Material

    Thanks for that Cody, just watched. As someone wanting to get better at this style of music I will be checking out your recommendations!
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    Doug Seven Alternatives

    As long as you have them downloaded that will work! Make sure you ck the file size because you will need a flash drive big enough to hold the mp4 or whatever file type you have them saved as
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    Doug Seven Alternatives

    move them to a cloud storage and switch them there or copy to a flash drive or external hard drive and hook to new pc.

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