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    What's the darkest song ever?? My nomination....

    Caleb Meyer by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings is rather grim…
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    Procrastinating...thoughts on rosewood vs maple?

    If it was mine I would be going for maple - it looks better in the way it provides a contrast with the body. But yours is the only opinion that counts here.
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    No snow in the Netherlands this winter, but don't think we're better off.

    Yep, the same weather as you have down in Ghent. We have been a bit lucky (though not today) in that although it has been fairly constant rain, there has not been that much wind with it. I used to live in Edinburgh (Scotland) where rain and strong wind was pretty much a constant in winter. I...
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    Best Experience With Wood For The Body

    I am a little late to this thread, but I have used walnut in a number of builds, including my avatar guitar, two others based on it, and a walnut version of the George Harrison Rosewood Tele. In every case it has been a thinline build or chambered (thinline without the f-hole). It might be fine...
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    My Favourite Aussie Song

    I never really paid much attention to Richard Clapton at the time, though I must have seen him on Countdown etc. But I have been on a bit of a late ‘70s/early ‘80s Oz music kick over the past week or so, and realise this good so much of his stuff is. And, of course, his telecaster is amazing...
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    The Jagstangelectro Revisited

    Ah, it is nice to see a Jupiter (re)build! Looking forward to watching this come along!
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    Tele or Esquire

    As a few people have said, if you don’t have a telecaster then get that. If you do have one already then you probably get a wider tonal range getting an Esquire as a second instrument than just using a slightly different wiring in a telecaster (unless you go for very different pickups). A...
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    Anyone else getting incessant ransom letters from Photobucket?

    Yes, I get them basically daily. My first three or four build threads here were done with Photobucket and I guess if they ever do carry out their threats the images will be gone. But no more gone than I am from Photobucket. They could not have handled all this much worse from the start of the...
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    Which Body Wood is best?

    As many here know I have used walnut for bodies a fair bit over the years, though I have always done thinlines or chambered bodies with it, for the weight reason. Part of the reason I did it was that I very much liked the walnut Elite instruments (both the Strat and the Tele) in the early 80s...
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    How Difficult Is Pedal Steel Really?

    Pedal steel is my favourite sounding instrument. About five or six years ago I spent lots of time on a lap steel as the affordable way of seeing if I had any ability in that direction. I know they are different instruments in that the bar does much less work on a pedal steel, but I decided that...
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    Best Tele player ya ever saw live?

    Jerry Donahue and Brad Paisley. I look forward to adding Kenny Vaughan and Marty Stuart to that list.
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    Why do you do it?

    I made my first instrument - a Renaissance lute - when I was still at school. I played classical guitar and decided I really liked lute music, but the only way I could afford one was to make my own. Which, with the help of the school metalwork teacher, I did. I have made instruments...
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    Long distance relationship

    I have twice made a cross-continent move, leaving the U.K. for work reasons. Although my track record is not, well, good when it comes to long distance relationships, the moves have taught me that it serves to bring situations to the forefront fairly quickly, and that is actually a good thing. I...
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    Why Esquire?

    In answer the the OP’s question. I did it to an old telecaster that I have. I did it because 8 was having some issues with the instrument in any case to do with hum, and the middle position sounded bad to my ears. So I decided that I had to do SOMEthing. It became a choice of either a ‘53 type...
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    My First Ever Guitar (Thinline) Build

    Looks great, fabulous grain. I don’t think we have ever complained about being bored with a build thread...