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    James Burton recommendations please

    Most of the playing on that song is actually Al Perkins on a Fender pedal steel. James Burton plays the intro lick and the licks at the end while the song fades out.
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    James Burton recommendations please

    James Burton played on Working Man Blues and the Bottle Let Me Down. Here's a thread from a while back listing which Merle Haggard tracks were James Burton and which were Roy Nichols (I think it's the second page of the thread)...
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    James Burton recommendations please

    Open Up Your Heart by Buck Owens. His playing on this song is like a whole library of guitar licks that people are still copying to this day. All of the Ricky Nelson songs from the 50s that he played on. One of my favorites is Milk Cow Blues. He later played the same licks on Working Man...
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    Lamest/Worst/Stupidest Rolling Stones song of all time

    Yes, of course! It's my hatred of the British that motivated my horrible attack on the Rolling Stones. How did you figure it out? You must be so smart.
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    Lamest/Worst/Stupidest Rolling Stones song of all time

    Actually I'm surprised that more people don't have a greater knowledge of their music than they're seeming to. I mean, anyone who says Shattered or even Miss You has obviously never heard Sing This All Together.
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    Lamest/Worst/Stupidest Rolling Stones song of all time

    No, it's a really good thread if you play along... but no one is. There's never been a band (to my knowledge) that's been around as long AND continued to change with the times as much as they did. They were never trend-setters... they always followed whatever trend was going on and did their own...
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    Lamest/Worst/Stupidest Rolling Stones song of all time

    Come on now, you're not even trying. 50 years of a band's music could potentially all be bad, but it can't all be equally bad.
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    Lamest/Worst/Stupidest Rolling Stones song of all time

    To me, a toss-up between Hot Stuff and Too Much Blood.
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    Fatten up my tone

    A compressor can increase your sustain without changing your tone much. You can get almost infinite sustain with a compressor, if that's what you like. In my opinion, using reverb to add sustain doesn't work. A little reverb is OK, but with more than that it tends to make what you play sound...
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    Pedals for Country & Older Rock Music

    No one says that. If you read the original post, you get the idea that he's read online that certain pedals are good for country music, and has no familiarity with the sounds in country music these pedals are used for. His orientation is country music that was recorded before players used all...
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    Pedals for Country & Older Rock Music

    My recommendation is that until you hear a sound on a recording and think to yourself "How do I get that sound?", you don't need to buy any effects. If you don't know what sound you want to get from a pedal, you're just going to be shooting in the dark when trying to use them. You'll wind up...
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    I"m tired of pastel colors

    To me, it kind of depends on the guitar. I think '60s style Teles with rosewood and look good in light blue.
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    WTF is with people at live shows?

    There are very few rock bands I've seen where the music wouldn't have completely drowned out any talking. In fact, talking was all but impossible at most rock shows I've seen. You have to yell into the person's ear, and they still can't tell what you're saying. Rock music should be loud. That's...
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    Southern Rock Tone

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    Fender Classic Series ‘60s Telecaster

    Fender started putting poly finishes on their guitars in the '60s. So if you had a real one from that era, the finish would be much the same as the one you already have.

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