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    The DIY bicycle inner tube patch?

    If you're getting a lot of flat tires, you may need to clean the inside of the rim. Could be a metal bur cutting into the tire. File it off and get some new rim strips.
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    Am I being bamboozled? (CL content)

    The use of the word, "courier," locks it in as a scam. No one talks like that. I did a transaction last year with a guy living across the country. He paid via Venmo and his local buddy came to pick up the guitar. I say this to indicate that this type of transaction isn't too uncommon, but always...
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    I Got Me a Wangbar!

    That's a really nice fit on the Starla. I dig it!
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    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    If I were in the market for a new amp (I'm not), this one would be at the top of my list. Generally, I prefer 10 inch speakers, and I don't typically care for the idiosyncracies of valve amps.
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    Fender Princeton Reverb Tone Master

    Fender says it's just shy of 20 lb.
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    10 most discussed/hyped/talked-up amps in TDPRI history (and does anyone still use a Cube 60 ?)

    The Fender SCXD was popular to discuss for a time. Fun little amps.
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    Gravity picks?!?!

    I had no idea about the picks in the jhs boxes. After reading your post, I emptied the stuffing out of my jhs boxes. Nothing in the 3-series chorus box, but I did find a pick in the tidewater box. I played with it a bunch last night. I dig it. Definitely similar to the big stubby, but it's...
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    Cheap guitars are getting scary good

    My Bullet Mustang, after being heavily modified, is probably under $300 (paid $130 stock). It's become my favorite player.
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    Can't Help Falling In Love like you've never it before

    That was bonkers. My jaw dropped. Literally. How can a person sing like that? Mind blown.
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    Light and Gig worthy Bass amp

    My bassist uses MarkBass. He really digs it. Had a couple small heads and a few cab variations. I have a Fender Rumble that I like a lot. It's only the 40w, but it sounds great. The higher wattage versions may be worth a look for you. Very good tones and very lightweight.
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    Who's Your Favorite Jazz Guitarist?

    My fav guitarist is Julian Lage.
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    Recommendations for an inexpensive small amp

    I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but it's hard to beat a Roland Micro Cube. Can run on batteries, making it great for the porch. Excellent clean tones and the reverb sounds nice.
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    In praise of the lowly salad!

    I questioned that as well. Took me a second or two. Carrots, I'm thinking.
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    Went to Guitar Center yesterday.

    If you're close to the Roseville GC, might as well head a little bit north and go to Huber and Breese. Best music store in that area.
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    Fairly well known songs that start with guitar feedback!

    Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender