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    Norman's Rare Guitars

    Jeez, when it rains it pours. How old is Norm?
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    Tell me about Frippertronics

    Didn't Fripp eventually replace the tape decks with a pair of EH Memory Man pedals?
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    Tell me about Frippertronics

    Yeah Brian Ferry was one of the people who showed up to audition when Fripp put out an advertisement in one of the weekly UK music press rags looking for a new singer. Apparently he liked Ferry and thought he was an interesting singer, just not a good fit for KC. Still, Fripp hooked up Ferry...
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    Mine's a '66 blonde/rosewood Tele I've had since 1979 or 1980 - I've had it so long I can't remember what year I acquired it. The late Tim Quertermus refretted it in 2008. It's got a 6-saddle Fender barrel bridge on it at the moment, I've got the original in a drawer. I'd stick it back on but...
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    Let's talk about the best movie ever

    Dr. Strangelove:
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    Small amp to cover jazz to classic rock...

    6G2 Princeton
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    The Replacements

    I think they attempted some new recordings during the reunion era, but Tommy Stinson said it felt "icky" and the idea was quickly aborted.
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    The Replacements

    They did a reunion tour in 2013-2015.
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    The Replacements

    From 1981: Going by the date, this was done before their first album was released. So the songs aren't really there, but they had the performance aspects nailed early. I love it in the last song of the first set, when Westerberg's guitar is completely out of tune, and he barely seems to care.
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    You know it's a good thing we can't see beyond today, it really is.

    Tommy Stinson really gets around:
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    Songs About Money

    Another of several Kinks songs about money:
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    Telecaster art — wall hangings, sculpture, kitsch, knick-knacks. Whaddaya got?

    You could do NFTs with that. :)

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