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    Amp advice.

    Great workmanship Kev! Just something you may have overlooked could be airflow vents in the actual floor of the amp cabinet. They don't have to very large but with the circuit containing valves and capacitors/resistors etc. they can produce fairly high temperatures so a couple of screened...
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    Lux jointer head

    Thanks for posting the above! I purchased a 6" jointer about 5/6 months ago and it just had the 6" blades as standard and I wondered if the helical cutter blades would be a plus! I don't use the jointer very often and it gives a really nice clean level cut so far, but if it starts to get...
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    New Porter Cable 6" Jointer - Nicked Blades - Keep or Return ?

    About a year and a bit ago I bought a 6" jointer branded VEVOR. It seems to be quite well built for the price (cheap!) I actually used it today first time for a long time, and was more than happy with the clean finish. If you are interested in purchasing a jointer they have 8" and 6" units...
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    Shaving soap, mug, brush. Anybody?

    I always shave in the shower as well! My procedure is to use cheap disposable two or three blade plastic razors, a shaving brush and a mirror on the opposite wall to the shower taps. I just wet the face and using whatever bath soap currently being used there at the time, lather up and...
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    I hate practicing one hour daily

    We all thought you were too bloody good already Jupe!!! DC
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    Brotherhood Build 2022 – Set Neck Double Cutaway

    Beautiful work Wade.......eleven out of ten mate! DC
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    New Porter Cable 6" Jointer - Nicked Blades - Keep or Return ?

    You could probably get a Helical blade drum but that would be quite expensive, but the results should be consistently excellent! DC
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    Should I strip my 73 tele back to the wood.

    If you "strip" off the paint you'll also strip off the guitar's character in my opinion. I would consider the blemishes to be a badge of honour. If it still plays well and keeps in tune I'd just leave it be! DC
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    Delta 28-540 Bandsaw

    Congrats on the future Grand Child John!! DC
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    Poll: Custom "f" hole shape for thinline Tele-Jag hybrid build- which do you like?

    I must say that I really prefer the "traditional" F-hole shape as it sort of pays homage to the old master luthiers, and looks more like it belongs on a stringed musical instrument!!! The above shape however would make "fishing" components jnside the body cavity a lot easier! DC
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    I have witnessed a group of 4/5 girls walking in line shoulder to shoulder across a footpath, and all were on their phones and talking to each other, and the one closest to the road ran slap bang into a telegraph pole and was unconscious for some time before recovering and standing up. DC
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    Weird question about drill press stand and old drill

    You could build a solid hardwood attachment for the existing drill clamp section but that would push the drill further away from the support pillar, but should work OK! You might have to bolt the base securely to your bench. DC
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    Wood... A Pickup Winder… Pickup... Tone …My experiment.

    Hi Vlad! Stay safe my friend! With strong, patriotic, citizens such as yourself I hope common sense prevails and this will be resolved very soon! Still play your pickups occasionally but have had a few health problems for a while but I am concerned for you and your's. Stay safe Vlad...
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    Member Deneb/Vladimir

    Vlad and I did some business quite a while back, and if he is typical of the population there, cannot see that they would be a threat to the Russians! This war is just a grab for the natural resources of Ukraine. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO GREED! I'D LOVE TO SEE THEM TRY IT ON CHINA! DC
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    Need recommendation on a fret crowning file

    Stewmac or Hosco Not really any room for error! DC