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    Dave Evans Pullstring Price

    Hi Matt, you can reach me via email at [email protected]
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    Pull String Party

    As to why I changed from the "lever style" to the "bellcrank style", it was to gain more adjustments to suit the individual player. With the bellcrank you get adjustable throw, adjustable strap tension, and it is actually smoother than the lever style. I came up with the current design after...
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    Anyone seen this proto-type on ebay...?

    asastfan....I think that used to belong to Clarence's dog!
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    It's back yet again!

    This is amazing.....still trying to sell this "thing"! CLARENCE WHITE'S 1968 FENDER TELE B BENDER PROTOTYPE | eBay
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    Clarence Bender Project

    Very nice Brian, you have out done yourself! You'll need to post a tune or two when you can so we can hear it as well.
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    Clarence Bender Project

    Brian....aren't the strings supposed to go the other direction!
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    Fred Walecki selling Bernie Leadon's (Eagles) B-Bender

    Ormond, you can check out the history of the Pull String at There is also a lot on the net in regards to Gene Parsons who actually invented it with Clarence. Plus the regulars on this forum are quite in the know.
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    Fred Walecki selling Bernie Leadon's (Eagles) B-Bender

    I don't think this is the original that I did for Bernie which he used on some of the first Eagle's hits. It looks to me to be one of Gene's. Let's see what Rick is able to find out. I just spoke with Fred last week, too bad I didn't know about this I could have asked him! Timing is everything!
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    Potentially dumb question- will binding be an issue when routing for a bender?

    There is always the possibility that the binding is not properly glued to the body and therefore, will come lose or tear out. Even if a new, sharp bit is being used and proper routing techniques employed. If the installer is a good craftsman, has a few tricks, and lucky, it can be repaired so...
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    Evans Pull String History back yet again

    Hi everyone, After being on hold at GoDaddy,for a total of about 2 days, I finally got the problem resolved. So the history at is working once again. Sorry for the drop out!
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    Evans Pull String History returns

    Yes, something is amuck! Perhaps Go Daddy got up and went! I'll look into it.
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    Weighty subject

    Here are a few figures I have compiled that may be of interest regarding weights. Control cover plate, pots, switch, knobs, jack = 6.2oz Neck pick up with cover = 1.8oz Bridge pick up = 2.8oz Bridge with brass saddles = 3.8oz Pick guard = 1.8oz Maple neck with...
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    Diamenter of puller, and required string travel???

    Sean, I don't know about the amount of rotation, but as to how much the string is streched, about 0.040".
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    When Gene Parsons closes shop...

    I doubt if Gene will ever close shop until it is physically impossible for him to see or move. As to what "company" should take it over when it does happen....well a "company" is in business for profit, not for the love of building something. That is rampent in this day and age of greed! When...
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    Evans Pull String History returns

    Hi Everyone, The new and improved Evans Pull String History is back! You can access it at There are more info and pictures on the new site.