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    NGD! Gibson SG Special!

    Lovely. Here’s her first cousin. You know you want one:
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    Squire Tele Pickups

    Good move. I left the original pickups in my Squier Standard for wayyyy too long, trying to convince myself that they were fine. They weren’t….
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    Dr. Strange...should I go see it?

    As much as I like Cumberbatch, I won’t be bothering. I realized a few years back that I’m bored to death with superhero movies. An age thing I guess.
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    Your Personal Tone

    Tone wise, I aim more and more for a 50s Blues and Jazz sound. Really not interested in Rock tones. I use American style amps, mild OD, Tremolo, Reverb and P90s and humbuckers. No Fender single coils. Lately I’ve been really enjoying my S&P L-00 sized acoustic with a Gretsch Deltoluxe pickup...
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    Thought provoking quotes.

    One cannot afford to be naive in dealing with dreams. They originate in a spirit that is not quite human, but is rather a breath of nature. -a spirit of the beautiful and generous as well as of the cruel goddess. - Carl Jung
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    Ever play your guitar out of guilt?

    Nope. I’m not the sentimental type.
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    Just bought a vinyl copy of Led Zep's Presence

    Years ago I started to sell off my medium sized vinyl collection, which I’d been collecting for almost 50 years. All my records were minty. I felt so sad unloading them that I stopped before I’d done too much damage. Thank goodness! Sat down yesterday and listened to NY’s Tonight’s The Night...
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    Bass cut knobs on guitar... why isn't it more popular?

    I owned a Rev Jetstream 390 for several years that had the bass cut knob, but I didn’t like it and never used it.
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    NGD SG Special

    Beautiful. Is that from the Original series? If so, I have the Pelham Blue version. Excellent guitars!
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    NGD: Gretsch 5622T Electromatic

    My wife and I are old fans. We’ve seen them many times over the years. Shame that Greg can’t play electric anymore. I always enjoyed his solos.
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    neck pup not as loud as bridge on American Pro II

    Lower the neck pickup as low as it will go. Start raising it until you’re happy with the tone. Now lower the bridge pickup until it’s matching the volume of the neck. Some like the bridge to be a touch louder for solos and use the neck for rhythm, but I like them matching.