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    Is music a competition?

    Try to get in to Berklee and you are automatically in competition like it or not.Musically it has always been competitive, the Jazz guys did that way back when with great relish.Life is a competition but winners and losers both die in the end...
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    Things to Quit Saying

    " bad" "literally" kills me..."ya know what I'm sayin'" ?
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    Neighborhood getting scary

    California is lawless anymore.Glad I left when I did.Sorry about your hand truck...
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    Thought provoking quotes.

    I can not remember the attributer but I always liked: "Of all the guys I know, you're one of them". and "If I had to do it all over again,I'd do it all over you"
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    Blind one album band ever?

    I'll go with Blind Faith as well. Super Session is right up there, though Stills and Bloomfield did not play together on that album. Might have been Superer...
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    My depressing open mic pity party.

    That seems pretty harsh for a bad night out.Do not get rid of your tools just yet, and I know you have some pretty good tools in the box.Maybe a little confidence and a partner could help.You are the only one who was there that remembers that outing.Try again with maybe a singer/harp player.
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    Blackgaurd Color

    If you are going for butterscotch I would say the center left is pretty close to my '52 AVRI.Are you using nitro?
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    Bald Eagle Tele

    SAWEET... Cats eye is cool.I like it.
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    Best capo for vintage radius Fenders

    What he said...
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    Options for sealing decal on nitro finished neck?

    Testors has a decal bonding spray they have in many hobby shops here in the U.S.A.I think it's nitro compatible.
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    '58 ES-175...need guidance

    I think they're typically screwed into the heal.Check some photos on Reverb.
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    Did Hendrix record guitar parts twice ?

    Bad MoFo right there. Wow...