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    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    You should look up Skip Simmons, he ought to get that tweed You should look up Skip Simmons, he’s in NorCal but he’d get that deluxe straightened out for you.
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    Fender hype.

    Did you buy the '68 Princeton expecting clean headroom?
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    NAD : Marshall DSL combo

    Yep! Per Tim's suggestion, I swapped in an ECC823 in V1, brought the OD channels gain down and made it much more useable. Mine came biased pretty hot (38 and 40), so cooling that down to ~32 helped quite a bit as well. Final piece of the puzzle was the Creamback, and man it sounds awesome now!
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    NAD : Marshall DSL combo

    Happy NAD! I've come around on my DSL40CR quite a bit after some tube suggestions from @Tim S and a tweak to the bias. I also put a Creamback in mine instead of the V-type and really love it now. Enjoy!
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    The missing stomp on my pedalboard….

    Get a Rat 2 (or the mini version if space is an issue). Super versatile, can give you OD all the way to fuzz. I keep mine set at a nice sweet spot that gives me a higher gain rock tone on the bridge pickup and a nice smooth fuzz tone on the neck pickup.
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    Your favorite analog delay…

    Carbon Copy is a mainstay for me. I pretty much always have it on my board for its utility and ease of use. I'll usually also have some sort of tape emulation, but the CC is so simple and useful, I can dial it in and keep it set for slap-back or easily twist a few knobs for that longer...
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    Looking for something RAT-ish, on the cheaper side.

    Go for the Rat 2, its fantastic. *Disclaimer: I haven't played the other 2
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    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    Phew, had to get through the thread before I contributed, but here goes. Super happy with my drive section lately, it consists of a TS mini > Rat 2 > ODR-1. I've always had a TS style on my board, just because it does that TS thing and I felt like I needed that sound. But if I had to choose...
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    Another string gauge thread.

    I guess I'm usually on the lighter side, bounced between 9's and 10's for quite a while but recently settled on 9.5s and really dig 'em!
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    Seeking Advice for an Amp Conundrum

    Update! So I took the advice of @Tim S and decided to see if I could make the amp work for me. Started with the suggested v1 tube swap to an ECC823 and that definitely helped. Next, I checked the bias and low and behold, both were up around 40. So I took them down to 35, tested it and liked...
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    Seeking Advice for an Amp Conundrum

    Yeah I think it’s becoming clear that I need to adjust my expectations and put a little more work into this amp. I also need to get right with the fact that I might not like EVERY sound it makes, and that’s fine too. I have an ECC823 for V1 on the way per Tim S’s suggestion, gonna start there...
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    Seeking Advice for an Amp Conundrum

    Yeah, I've gone back to it a few times over the last 24 hours and have been able to wrestle a decent tone out of it, however there seems to be a breaking point in the gain structure that brings in some seriously harsh sort of overtone frequencies...kinda hard to describe really. And they show...
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    Seeking Advice for an Amp Conundrum

    I haven’t had a gig in a few years, and not really looking for one currently (I’m a new father so time is very limited). But I do jam with friends occasionally, rarely with a drummer. Not ruling out gigging again in the future though!
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    Seeking Advice for an Amp Conundrum

    Really appreciate all of the feedback guys! I’m going to keep trying to get the Marshall to a spot that I like (I have another week or two to return), but I might have just been expecting a different sound ultimately. This decision has sent me down an existential rabbit hole of debating chasing...
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    Seeking Advice for an Amp Conundrum

    I have found that I like the Crunch channel a lot, and Clean is OK, but OD1 and OD2 are fizzy to my ear. I guess I could get along with it as a one channel amp, but the minimalist in me is driven crazy by the fact that I'd have 2-3 essentially unusable channels. I have not given the Joyo...

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