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    Thinking about mowing....

    I feel your pain OP. I knocked mine out around 1pm Saturday. Grass was pretty wet but I managed. Seems like it's been raining most days for the last 2 months in Eugene.
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    Pine body partscaster I built. Currently has tex mex pickups. I know they're cheap but I really like them.
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    Top Songs of the 80s

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    Break-up songs

    this one is a little disturbing
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    Les Paul Owners Club!

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    Looking for footmen -- you know, the metal loop mounts for dogbone handles
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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    A couple of my boy Leo Fender.
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    What Fender guitar is this?

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    New Telebridge: T-Tune

    How about screwing each of those bridges to the same body and hitting them with a screw driver. Hanging them from string and hitting them is not applicable. Now if I wanted to build a tele bridge plate wind chime, I see the advantages.
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    California Blues Masters

    Saw them live many times, one of my favorite bands back in the day. I still play the Jailbreak CD all the time.
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    One filtertron.

    GFS has bridges that fit filtertrons for real good prices. Search around the site if you're interested.
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    One filtertron.

    You could get a Les Paul junior kit from Precision and have it routed for the filtertron. These are both Precision kits I did.
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    Some people don't get the math thing ( Rant)

    A lot of younger people can't even make change. It's really sad.
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    Esquire pickup suggestions

    Duncan Quarter Pounder