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    Almost NGD.

    Glad to hear a mod took care of your guitar. Enjoy the new sound.
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    New tele owner 😁

    Congrats, looks like you picked a fine one for your first Tele. Enjoy!
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    Congrats on your new fine looking Strat. Enjoy!
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    New Amp Day - 5e3 clone tweed in collection

    Congrats on your fine looking new amp. Enjoy!
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    Squier Affinity vs Squire Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster

    The three Squiers I have are all CV models, so that is what I voted for.
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    tele owner again sfbay

    Congrats on your new Tele. When you get a chance show us some pictures. Enjoy and HNGD.
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    What have you bought guitar-related in the past 48 hrs?

    Ordered 5 sets of Walker & Williams extra length Strap Locks. Nickel 2 sets, gold 3 sets. Also ordered 2 sets of Gotoh traditional locking tuners, 1 set nickel the other gold.
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    New member, long time Tele fan

    Hello @pipthepilot, welcome to the forum. Great looking Tele, well done on the assembly. Enjoy!
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    NGD Fender Brad Paisley Esquire

    Congrats, that is a fine looking Tele. Enjoy and HNGD.
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    NGD, but how it was shipped blows my mind!!

    Congrats on your new ES-335, it's a beauty. Enjoy and HNGD. My purchases from Cream City have all been well boxed also. Good company to do business with.
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    Overcome by the GAS. NGD

    Congrats on the new Epi, looks great. Enjoy and HNGD.
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    NGD Poor Man's White Falcon

    Congrats on your first Gretsch, it's a looker. Enjoy and HNGD.
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    NGD: Gretsch G5627T P-90 Speyside

    Congrats on that fine looker. Enjoy and HNGD.
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    New member

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Great looking Tele. Enjoy!

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