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    Trick or treat. Best and worst candy

    Reese cups. Period.
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    Giving up Drinking

    I drank from the age of 13, sometimes more successfully than others. Quit (finally) 6 years ago, and luckily was sober through the losses of 2 sisters, both parents, and finally my wife last year. I could not have made it through all that if I'd still been drinking. Good for you! God bless.
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    How Difficult Is Pedal Steel Really?

    My experience is that a cheap model like the Maverick won't play in tune no matter how hard you try. Save up and buy a good steel.
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    ‘80s Harmony Acoustic H-370

    Pretty sure it's lacquer of some sort, possibly built by Samick. I worked for a major importer of Korean guitars from 1985 to 1994. Most Korean imports were fairly decent at that time.
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    Look close at Jeff Becks Yardbirds Intonation - no way? - or ok?

    Teles are SUPPOSED to play out of tune...
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    Your Favourite ‘Awful’ Album Cover

    Thanks...I think...
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    Your Favourite ‘Awful’ Album Cover

    And no one has mentioned Orleans' "Waking and Dreaming."
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    Original finish on this late '70s Tele? If so, what on earth happened to it?!

    OFF bug spray does awful stuff to both poly and nitro finishes.
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    Music to which your parents exposed you, that actually turned out to be good

    My folks listened to a bunch of great music - Dukes of Dixieland, Benny Goodman, Chet Atkins, Ray Charles, Herb Alpert...Mom played piano, Dad sang and played trumpet...a wonderful musical environment!!!
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    What is your IQ?

    I know at least one person with a genius IQ who can't figure out how to come in from the rain...
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    Knife Sharpener?

    I've got a regular old stone that I oil with 3-in-1 Oil. I could shave with my pocket knife. I use it to open boxes and everything else, and sharpen it when I need to do so.
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    Removing the Yellow

    It's NOT tobacco! The yellowed lacquer is nitrocellulose that the factory sprayed after the decal was applied. UV rays turned it yellow. You are in WAY over your head...
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    What is the "official" commercial country music vocal accent, and can it be taught?

    The problem is that current country music requires that weird, non-localized accent that some people in boardrooms have decided is a "COUNTRY" accent. Just one more reason I don't listen to that "music."
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    How was the local band scene in 1983?

    In 1983 I was playing 5 to 7 nights a week, mostly covers, some originals. That was the year I got a publishing deal with ATV (now STV Sony). Most radio stations still did their own programming, and local bands could get regular airplay if they had a "single," which was generally a 45 rpm record...
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    Les Paul Deluxe '70s

    Barry Bailey from ARS used an LP Deluxe. Good enough for me!

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