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    Howard Gee is one of the best

    YES! Can’t wait to try the Groovy Wizard!
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    Wampler Pantheon Deluxe

    The Pantheon is a bit dark regardless of gain setting, in my experience. At home it's fine, but the more I use it with the band the more I'm considering letting it go. Turning up the treble past noon just seems to add harshness and doesn't really make it cut through any better. I think what it...
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    Wampler Pantheon Deluxe

    I’ve had a few Wampler dirt pedals over the years. None of them worked for me for various reasons. I bought the Pantheon Deluxe based on demos and reviews, fully prepared to be disappointed and put it up for sale after a few days of trying to dial it in. I’m happy to say that, after putting it...
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    Tweed style Overdrives

    I’ve had; Catalinbread 5F6: Great pedal. Very dynamic. Two different modes via internal switch. Crazy Tube Circuits Falcon: Liked the Princeton mode. Pretty convincing “amp-like” tone and feel. The Deluxe mode is way over the top, IMO. Super loose and farty. Did not like. Bearfoot Honey Bee...
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    Cali 76 compact deluxe noise?

    Like KC says, any compressor will raise the noise floor. Some more than others. I found my Cali76 Compact to be pretty quiet compared to other compressor pedals when I had it. I'm guessing it either has something to do with your gear, or you just don't care for what is a normal amount of noise...
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    Xotic BB preamp

    Less gain than CB and SL. I don’t know the topology, but it sounds/feels like a modified TS to me. Great pedal IMO, but definitely not a “MIAB”.
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    Best gauge of speaker wire

    Do some research on speaker wire and you will know the definition of “snake oil”. 16 gauge “lamp cord” found in any hardware store is more that adequate. EDIT: That is to say, ‘when discussing wiring up a guitar speaker cabinet’. Long runs of wire in hi-fi applications is a different topic. ;)
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    Surprised the Strymon Sunset Isn’t More Popular Here

    I’ve seen this criticism of Strymon many times. I don’t hear the coloration myself. But, I don’t exactly have golden ears. I absolutely love My Volante.
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    DL 4 MkII

    I haven’t tried the Line6, but isn’t the Strymon Volante comparable?
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    Surprised the Strymon Sunset Isn’t More Popular Here

    It does sound good in that demo. I love the concept and I have considered trying it, but I’ve been disappointed with digital distortion too many times, whether it was modeling amps or pedals. I have nothing against DSP, I’ve just yet to be satisfied with it when it comes to distortion. Have...
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    Do all attenuators cut treble?

    I've owned the Tone King. In my experience it doesn't cut treble, but it does sound duller, for lack of a better term, than the amp on its own.
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    Your favorite analog delay…

    Why replace the AD9? It’s awesome. Maybe consider the Keeley version, but the stock version is great IMO.
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    Educate me about the Timmy

    I recently spent some time comparing the Lightspeed and Timmy (MXR). I was able to get them to sound almost identical. The Lightspeed has no adjustment for bass, so in my opinion the Timmy is more flexible with its bass/treble controls, and clipping toggle. Recently sold the Lightspeed for a...
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    Not liking an effect until you found the right pedal?

    Never had much luck with compressor pedals until I tried the Boss CP-1X, and I’ve had a few. I only use it when I play clean, often with my fingers. It’s so easy to dial in and it’s really transparent.
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    Southern Rock Tone

    I was referring to the M75, the silver one. I’ve used it live and it sounds great IMO. Has a nice lower midrange growl and it’s not fizzy.