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    What is your go-to band to uplift you?

    Move on up by Curtis Mayfield, or that first bastard lp when i need a boost.
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    Need help identifying metal, and how to clean it.

    Folk or pagan metal.
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    Need help identifying B.C. Rich

    What do the switches do?
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    WTF is with people at live shows?

    Have you b een to indie rock or noise shows? Or experimental music?
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    are you using the wrong strings ?

    The vibe is really different. It’s worth trying.
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    are you using the wrong strings ?

    Don’t guitars tend to ship with strings on the lighter side, and cheap?
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    Overdrive GAS

    The only one I’ve ever really used is the dano clone of the Timmy.
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    Suggestions for a boost pedal

    Is it on now?
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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    If you think queer and trans people are less human than you are, you’re a terrible person. It’s not that complicated. Chapelle was on fire when he had his own sketch comedy show, but the couple of stand up shows i’ve seen of his don’t hold a candle to it. It’s awfully glib to conflate “down...
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    Player, performer or entertainer?

    Calling someone an entertainer makes it seem like you’re trivializing what they do.
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    Change just one letter in an album or song title...

    Boys don’t fry
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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    Prop comics?
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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    It’s totally ok to be prejudiced against transphobes and homophobes.
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    Americas BEST comedian attacked!

    Just no. He’s not nearly as funny as he used to be, he thinks everything is about him, and he thinks some humans are more humans than other and uses downpunching humor, which creates an environment where the people he is down punching on are more likely to be attacked or discriminated against...
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    Flamed May Pole

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