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    RIP Ray Liotta

    The first time I saw him on film was a movie called Dominick and Eugene. Very powerful.
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    Mika, my beautiful cat has passed away

    Hang in there.
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    Your #1 Telecaster

    Love the binding.
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    Simple Math

    + =
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    Swart Owner's Club

    I was in love with my Swart Space Tone Reverb (no tremolo) until I got my high powered twin. I would play the twin and then later break out the Swart and it turned into a let down. It's not entirely fair as my Twin's got two speakers and 4 power tubes. Just context. I do like an AST but, the...
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    Help......ear worm!

    Get you some Gypsy Woman!
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    Random Daily Photos May 2022 Edition

    I'm sorry for your loss. Best wishes.
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    A drink with any guitarist

    I forgot Hank Marvin and Tony Iommi.
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    A drink with any guitarist

    Tough one. Maybe one of these. Duane Allman Clapton Hendrix Billy Gibbons Santana Jeff Beck Josh Homme
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    Hang in there. P.S. "The stranger"
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    ´75 Orange OR120... in rough (!) shape

    Congrats! That's awesome. I am a big fan and would add my worthless opinion. If to sounds good, biases well, and the caps aren't leaky, leave it alone. I would assume it sounds great now and you;dnt want that to change. Anyways, I like relic guitars so it follows relic amps are cool too.
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    Tone King Imperial Mk2 - Worth it or hype?

    No hype. The Tone King Imperial MKII is a great amp. Get it and never look back. I was reminded of how good they are last week at Angel City Guitars. A Knaggs single pickup guitar straight in. Only good and pleasing tones.
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    Suggestions for a boost pedal

    RC boost is perfectly acceptable. My vote is for a Crowther Hot Cake. You get a great boost, great buffer, and great overdrive.
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    Guitar/Amp/Pedal wishlist

    Murphy Lab Les Paul Celestion Greenback Crowther Hot Cake Sola Sound Tonebender

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