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    Any masterbuilt owners here?

    I have the same stamp on neck and body...
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    Any masterbuilt owners here?

    Art Esparza is one of my fave Custom Shop builders. Would love to own an AE Custom Shop tele. I do have an AE Custom Shop Stat that he built in 1993 for Norman's Rare Guitars. Love the inlay and would love to see a pic of the whole guitar!!!!!
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    Wildwood Did Me RIGHT (Green Sparkle)

    2003 Fender Custom Shop green sparkle, double bound with matching headstock...
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    Any masterbuilt owners here?

    Thank you! Here ya go... Mark Kendrick - A 2002 Fender Custom Shop unofficial Blind Faith masterbuild light relic. Dennis Galuszka - A 2009 Fender Custom Shop Greg Koch "Limited Edition" masterbuild closet classic, commissioned by Cream City Music. Dale Wilson - A 2012 Fender Custom Shop...
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    Any masterbuilt owners here?

    Just adding some eye candy with my FCS master builds... Mark Kendrick Dennis Galuszka Dale Wilson Fred Stuart
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    NGD! Fender Custom Shop Thinline Relic Tele!

    Beautiful!!! Congrats!
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    Sad Day: Thinning the Herd

    I just went through a cross country move and painfully, sold quite a few. Needed to lighten the moving load and help defray some of the moving costs. While we're almost completely settled in, I'm still in the selling process of the teles and other gear that made the move, but it's tough to let...
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    "Car color" collection for sale

    Here ya go...
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    "Car color" collection for sale

    Happy to say that the entire group of 5 have sold as a set and staying in San Francisco. They have gone to a great home that will appreciate them.
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    "Car color" collection for sale

    Update: I'm now going to break up this set and sell individually, but only local sales in the Bay Area.
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    "Car color" collection for sale

    Greetings all, thank you @KC for posting and thank you @getbent and @Lefty Addams for the very astute recognition. Yes, these are mine and I am downsizing. I am moving at the end of June from San Francisco to the east coast and really trying to downsize. I've decided to sell these '69RI...
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    Two Teles—Overkill?

    Overkill?????? I am not aware of this term. Over the past year or so, I have let quite a few go but here is what I still remain with me... Fender Custom Shop Teles Fender 2002 MIM '69RI Thinlines Asher Danocaster Harden Engineering
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    MIJ Cream Tele - Fake or Fortune?!

    My former MIJ family...
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    Custom Shop Sparkle Teles

    Gorgeous! Double bound, matching headstock, maple neck, relicing and sparkly! What's not to love!
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    NGD 2009 La Cabronita Especial

    Very, very nice. Congrats. Are these the FCS Cabs with pearloid tuning buttons? Or is my memory playing tricks on me? Maybe it was the FCS thinline Cabs that had the pearloid buttons? Regardless, great acquisition...

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