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    Pin stripe or no?

    If you like it, go for it. I think it would look great with that color. But it looks great as is too.
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    My new favorite guitar color!!

    Aka “lobster tomalley”.
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    Overnight flights suck

    I took red eyes every other week for a 6 month period, and then sporadically for many years. Well in excess of 50 red eyes. I found that the best way to get rest for me was: - to be properly hydrated - start my sleep before we even got in the air as we were taxiing - do not drink alcohol before...
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    Downsizing to One Car

    You mention kids (plural). That makes it tougher as there will likely be instances where their activities will overlap. We have 3 kids and that is the case. Spend a month restricting yourselves to one car and see how it works before pulling the trigger.
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    French press for coffee

    I use it in the weekends. That or an aeropress. When I retire I’ll enjoy using one of those daily.
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    Best Dead Cover Band

    I’ve always been partial to JRAD. But I enjoy going to Dead & Co. and Phil Lesh & Friends shows to see Weir and Lesh still doing their things. Honorable mention to my kids, who while not a GD cover band, do some of their songs here and there (this last weekend):
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    Naming Your Dog.

    Our female cat's official name is Lily. But her nickname is "Richard," as she can be a real "you-know-what."
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    Naming Your Dog.

    Hudson Featherbutt. AKA: Stinky Bubbies Huddy Poopie
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    Got my tax return and just got GAS

    As I said earlier in this thread, I was putting mine towards a new roof. We’ll, it’s done, and a new roof is pricier than they used to be. At least my roof is visible from the curb, so I can see where the money went.
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    Car dealer questionable business practices

    About 6 years ago I test drove a new car on a Friday eve, struck a decent enough deal (recognizing that the salesman needs to eat too), left a deposit, came back the next day with insurance in hand and a bank check for the balance. No one could find the car. First they tell me it is just being...
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    My kids noodling around at a brewery

    They did have a great time. My days of pounding beers are well over. I had 3 (low ABV) over close to 6 hours yesterday.
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    My kids noodling around at a brewery

    They got free soft pretzels and all the juice/water that they could drink. My wife and I, on the other hand, got all the free beer we could drink in 5 hours. Unfortunately, I had to drive home!
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    My kids noodling around at a brewery

    Tough acoustics, but they had a great time! Here’s some of their second set. After their last song they got a request for Althea by the Dead and were able to string something together. Warning - 20+ minute clip.
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    Cold Cuts prices are crazy

    Actually, I have and you have a fair point. Good thing I have lots of .22s hanging around from pre-inflation. Forget trying to get ammo for my old Winchester 32 special rifle. More than $3/round. It is cost prohibitive.
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    Cold Cuts prices are crazy

    My neighbor is considering taking the overrun squirrel and chipmunk population into his own hands to feed his family. Two birds, one stone. Or would that be two varmints one .22?