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    Tell us your single favorite OD pedal!

    I use a Tumnus Deluxe and the Paisley Drive separate and together to get 95% of the sounds I need for our cover band, with an Angry Charlie for the rest. Tumnus and Paisley really sound great. Recently bought a Wampler Belle to replace the Paisley, but not so sure it will.....
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    Taking your daughter to a concert

    We’ve taken our daughter to Hanna Montana, Fifth Harmony, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Pink and the Rolling Stones, in that order, I think…. She was supposed to go see the Black Crowes with us last week, but she moved out 2 weeks ago at 17….. Wife and I still drove 7 1/2 hours to the concert. Was...
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    NGD! Richie Kotzen Tele

    Well, I played bass in the band for 20 years, so I could probably handle a Rick Neilson 5-necker...... :)
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    NGD! Richie Kotzen Tele

    I know. All my other guitars have had the glossy Maple finish. I'm liking the satin finish so far......
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    NGD! Richie Kotzen Tele

    I thought it would be my heaviest Tele, but my 2019 BSB Fender Special Run with ash body is heavier by close to a pound. and that's before I put locking tuners on the BSB this weekend.... The RK is comparable to my 2014 MIM tele, which "was" my main gigging guitar.
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    NGD! Richie Kotzen Tele

    After an appt. at the hospital this morning, stopped at a pawn shop where I had seen it for sale on their website. Played it for a few minutes and decided it’s neck isn’t an issue for my hands. Brought in a 2004 mexi strat with case, a Catalinbread formula 5 OD and a Boss CH-1 to put towards it...
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    Synth pedal question?

    Thanks for the reply’s. Next time I’m at the nearest music store, I’ll try an SY-1. It’s not urgent, as i do play it as a guitar part, with some delay…
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    Favorite overdrive for a DR[RI]?

    Same here. Bought the Tumnus Deluxe shortly after my TMDR Blonde Deluxe. It was on for probably 3/4 of the gig. That and my Paisley Drive covered almost all the bases......
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    For those on the fence... Tone Master Deluxe Review

    I purchased a blonde TMDR a month ago and played our first gig with it last weekend. I had three OD pedals, but probably could've gotten by with stacking two to get to the where the third one was....... I was having an issue with one ear being plugged earlier that day, so i had it up on an amp...
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    Show us your band’s poster

    And our banner. The name came from all the members have played with some of the other members in the past in different bands. With up to three at certain points. So all five together, we’ve come Full Circle…..
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    Show us your band’s poster

    The ‘Playground’ and ‘Children’ part in the sign may seem a little perv-y, but wasn’t intentional….😒
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    Based Strictly On Looks ..... Your Favorite Signature Telecaster.

    Richie Kotzen model. There’s one at a pawn shop i hope to try it out in another week. Sold my Blues Deluxe Reissue today to help pay for it. Hopefully my big hands/ short-ish fingers like the neck.
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    Synth pedal question?

    I am looking for a synth pedal (or another effect) to use on a couple songs. I play the keyboard solos on the Cars "Just What I Needed" on guitar, and would like to get a good sound for it. I've watched quite a few YT videos on the Boss SY-1 and a few others, but haven't watched one and said...