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    What's on your workbench today?

    Starting a new guitar.
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    Any reason not to use an 12AU7 in a Vox AC4?

    Those are interchangeable with the stock tubes. If you like the sound, perfect.
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    What Was the First Effect Device You EVER Bought ?

    I went to the music store not knowing anything. I told the guy I wanted more reverb (but I was really thinking delay; I didn't know the terminology). He sold me a compressor. I returned it because I couldn't hear the difference between effect and no effect. I have no idea what I took home that...
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    fuzz knob all the way down?

    In general, less gain is better on your pedals. Most pedals sound bad with the gain cranked.
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    Never posted a new thread but need help on squier tuners..

    Choose any six-inline tuners you like then take them to a luthier and have them installed.
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    Girding myself for disappointment

    Sorry to say, but it looks fake to me.
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    Neck crack

    Happens sometimes. Everything can be fixed if you want to pay for it. See a good luthier.
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    All Fuzz ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Kickass Fuzz Pedals and all Fuzz related

    One into the other sounds killer. Also had the JHS Firefly but could not resist selling when the price shot up. The Keeley sounds just as good.
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    humbucker with push pull knob on tele

    Go to they have lots of diagrams there.
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    can't lower my action, saddles sitting on the bridge plate!

    +1 on the Stew Mac shim. Or make one yourself if you have the skills. Crimson Custom Guitars has a YouTube tutorial.
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    Let's say you just drilled through the headstock..

    Leave it. It builds character.
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    Most surprising guitar you didn’t bond with?

    I loved my Paul Reed Smith S2 Custom 24 for about three or four months. Now it sits in its case longing to be played. I started making my own guitars during my Covid-era term of unemployment. I really haven't played my "store bought" guitars since.
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    NAD--Origin 50

    Just got a Marshall Origin 50, and I am very pleased with it. It sounds sounds awesome. I was a little worried about it being too loud, based on some of the reviews and forum comments. It's not too loud for me, primary because I prefer using a pedalboard into a clean amp. I was playing with my...