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    Pedal Storage

    I keep mine in one of those behind-the-door shoe organizers (the kind that hang with hooks over top of the door). I found a nice one with tight mesh. It doesn't keep them dust free here in southern Arizona, but mostly. I also keep various cables, string packs, etc. in the other pockets.
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    New Guy From Arizona

    Nice guitars! Welcome from Chandler!
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    Post a fun / creative / weird / bad and/or really good cover song

    I've always really dug this cover of Tom Waits' "Goin' Out West"
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    My tip of the day - be nice.

    I've suffered great personal tragedy in my life (by anyone's definition), and try my best to remember that I don't know what another person is going through in their own life. This attitude helps me to give other people the benefit of the doubt. This helps me most of the the time, but I am also...
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    Value of 1999 Telecaster MIM

    Nice score, man! I've never held another '99, but am curious as to whether you can feel the skunk stripe. Might is just barely proud of the maple; it bothered me at first, but I never think about it now.
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    Value of 1999 Telecaster MIM

    I have an MIM Tele, with a 1999/2000 serial number. As far as I can tell, it was bone-stock when I got in 2007 and has alnicos - but no baseplate on the bridge pickup. It was a bit trebly, and I switched the bridge to a Fender stamped and saddles to 3-piece Gotoh brass. I think it sounds really...
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    Favourite photographers?

    Lots of my faves already listed, but here's a few others that I really like: Mona Kuhn Todd Hido Daido Moriyama Sam Abell Jurgen Teller
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    NGD: Squier Joe Trohman Tele

    Fall Out Boy played a corporate gig I attended a few years ago, and Joe played his signature Squier for the entire set. Interestingly, Pete Wentz only played his sig Squier bass for 1 or 2 songs.(Nary an amp on stage and they sounded great!)
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    What's your hometown's claim to fame

    Somerset, KY It was the self-proclaimed "Houseboat Capital of the World", which may have been true before the 2008 recession, which put most of the local houseboat factories out of business. But what I think is coolest is that it's the birthplace of Gibson's Ted McCarty.
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    What I Learnt in 2021 About… (bass - the playing of)

    I saw The Cinematics (a Scottish band, opening for The Bravery) at The Exit/Inn in Nashville back in 2008(?). The bass player was really grooving on his P-Bass all night, swaying his hips and looking to be having a great time. I ran into him the bathroom after the set, where I remarked "That...
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    Who has had the biggest impact on country music in the past 20 years?

    I'm sorry to read about your dad's passing. Off, off topic: My brother worked with Sturgill years ago, when they were both valets at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. (They also went gun-shopping together.)
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    Windshield Question

    I had a 1992 Volvo 240 with a similar issue. It was about 9 or 10 years old when I bought it, and drove it for about 8 years. Even though I was careful to keep the wipers in good shape, it was the only car I've ever had that developed bad scratches in the windshield. I always suspected that the...
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    What's the go-to brass compensated saddles people are using?

    I've only ever tried the Gotoh's with the center-tilt adjust, but I really like them. It does take a bit of fiddling to get the angle just right: Gotoh Brass Tele Guitar Saddles w/ Adjustable Pivot, 3pcs I just picked up another set on Ebay...
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    Piles of Strats.....

    I decided to check the inflation rate for grins, and $150 in 1970 USD is equivalent to $1015.56 in 2020! Thank goodness for the more "affordable" gear today.
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    Headphone-based practice amps

    I've got an older Amplug AC-30 (no effects), and I will sometimes just stick it in the last pedal of my battery-powered pedalboard. I've also got one of those USB power adapters I use with a phone recharger back-up battery and a pigtail cable, if I want to just use a pedal or three while lying...