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    The big WEAKNESS of MODELLING...

    Although I agree a tube amp does not have to be "cranked" to sound good, I don't agree with the rest of your statement. Maybe you haven't heard an SS amp sound as good, but I believe I certainly have ;). To add to that, I NEVER play a stereo amp.... so I certainly don't need one to "come close".
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    The big WEAKNESS of MODELLING...

    I love this.... the only thing I would suggest is an addition to it... "... with practice, and understanding the gear you are using" IME, many people that don't get a good tone simply don't know how to "maximize" the gear they are using. This applies to guitars, pedals, amps and/or modelers...
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    Ok, so whats your next gig and gear...

    Double gig today.... My evening gig is country/classic rock, great band, 6 piece with lots of harmony. I'll have my regular setup at that gig which includes my '72 tele, my Strat along with my Helix direct to FOH. My late afternoon gig is classic country. I'll mostly be on pedal steel but...
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    The big WEAKNESS of MODELLING...

    FWIW.... although I use my Helix direct to FOH for 80% of my gigs, I also have a couple "effect only" presets that I use to replace my traditional pedal board. When used like that, I plug the Helix directly into the front of one of my amps (or a backline amp) and it works/sounds great... every...
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    Overdrive GAS

    A Timmy for low level crunch... and a venerable Tube Screamer to goose it.
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    Sell or not?

    I liquidate any gear that doesn't have a place in my toolkit... or trade it for stuff that will have a place.
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    Direct to PA confusion

    I use a Helix direct to FOH... I've got it dialed in, and I am very comfortable with it. At this point it feels like a compromise when I need to use an amp. OP does not need a full Helix... I'd suggest a POD Go, an HX Stomp, or something similar from another line.
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    What’s on Marty Stuart’s pedal board?

    ^^^ This ^^^ Marty gets pretty crunchy on many songs... yet stays pristinely clean on many others.
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    New To Modellers, Buying Advice Needed

    It's the same price point as all the PODS have been over the years. Being a Helix user I doubt I would ever use one... but if I did, I know the sounds would be there, just not the flexibility. As for the community... the Helix and the POD Go are different lines, but they work in a very...
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    How to practice any scale, Julian Lage lesson

    Just for reference... the part about the scales (in better context) starts around the 33 minute mark. It's a great little lesson on how to approach scales. This reminds me of the Bluegrass technique for scales. There are a handful of primary patterns. Once you know all the patterns you start...
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    The Domino Effect: New interface and software switch

    Does the R16 have two modes of operation like the R24 does? Standalone and interface mode? On my R24 (when I owned one) I struggled until I learned about the two modes. Once I started the unit in "interface mode" it was recognized immediately by my computer and DAW.
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    DR/DRRI Settings - how do you like to run your Deluxe Reverb?

    I play Tele's and Strats with vintage specs (fairly low output pickups)... I would run my Deluxe (or a backline provided Deluxe) with the amp loud enough to hear, but never beyond half. With my guitars, around 4 - 5 is the end of clean headroom, and I need clean for what I do. My Treble and...
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    New To Modellers, Buying Advice Needed

    The GT-100 is not far removed from the latest generation. IMO - it's the perfect unit to get your feet wet since you already own it. Although I am a Helix user myself, my backup unit is a GT-1 which uses the GT100 modeling engine. I take it to small gigs and practices all the time to make sure...
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    Where's The Pocket, anyway?

    I haven't read all the responses in this thread and I'm sure it's been said already but I don't think it is possible to have a technical discussion about the "Pocket" because the Pocket is a moving target between styles. IMO, the pocket is just a really tight performance (individual or group)...
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    Audio Interfaces

    FWIW... I use an M-Audio AIR 192/14 and have been quite happy with it for the past few months. It's an 8in/4out I/O with 2 assignable headphone outputs and flexible phantom power options. When I was in the market for an interface I needed 4 out, and wanted as many inputs as I could afford. The...