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    Tele vs Strat - prices…

    In my experience, Teles command higher prices in the used market than Strats.
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    What's better than a New Guitar Day?

    I know a guy that rides dirt bikes and he claims that new bike day is the best day ever. He rides KTMs so I can imagine he's entitled to feel that way...KTMs are not inexpensive.
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    Fralin vs. Lollar

    For what it's worth, and it's really not worth all that much, Lindy Fralin pickups now come with a circular "LF" stamped on the bobbin. I just bought a set two weeks ago and the store that sold them actually mentioned it while I was considering them. I have had both Fralin and Lollar. I went...
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    Western Electric is assessing plans to expand tube operations

    Done. It took less than 3 minutes. I am skeptical but hopeful.
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    70th Anniversary Esquire Pickup

    I too have a 70th Anniversary Esquire, mine is 2-tone sunburst. The bridge pickup sounded great but I was bored and my local shop sold some of my pedals and owed me money...they happened to have some new Fralin Stock Tele pickups and, well, I'm sick and had to try them. So out came the factory...
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    Russian Sanctions and Tubes

    There is currently a thread involving Elon and lots of conjecture that invites opinion about a man and his eccentricities. This thread is pertinent as it speaks directly to the issue. My opinion, which is worth less to nothing, is that tubes out of Russia will be scarcely found in the coming...
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    The Sunn Model T amp with reverb.

    Going way back to when I was in elementary school in the late 1970s, the school had a Sunn PA system. A few years ago I found a Tshirt...I happen to be rockin' it just now.
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    70th Esquire Family Photo

    I put a Fralin Blues Special in mine...a week later I went back to stock. The stock pickup really is a winner.
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    Wiring a 3 Way Switch Sending Pickup Directly To Output Jack???

    Perfect. This place is the best. Thankyou.
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    Wiring a 3 Way Switch Sending Pickup Directly To Output Jack???

    Thinking about returning my Tele'd Esquire back to an Esquire; however, I would like the back position to send the pickup directly to output bypassing tone and volume. The middle position would allow for volume control, no tone. The forward position would be volume and tone. Is this a thing...
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    Possibly time for a new furnace, ouch! Brand advice needed.

    My furnace is 20 years old. We've been servicing it every year but it's down again and I think we might have to bite the bullet and get a new one...unless the problem turns out to be a simple fix. Anyway, my furnace people sell Daikin, Lennox, and Goodman. I've heard of Lennox but the other two...
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    70th anniversary neck pickup recommendations

    I have a 70th Anniversary Esquire. I really like the bridge pickup. I know I'm comparing apples and oranges, but next to my 60s American Original Strat bridge (with Pure Vintage 65 pickups) the Esquire bridge is louder and punchier. I wouldn't say it "barks" but it doesn't possess much...
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    Wow ...Fender you suck

    I just got one of those 70th Anniversary Esquires. I love it. I've not tried the ashtray's still in the little bag. It's 2-tone sunburst which is not nearly my ideal Tele/Esquire color. The white was unimpressive in pictures. The blue and the green seemed nice. I got a really...
  14. cmm71 first electric rig, 1985 (ish)

    I was around 9 or 10 when I took my first lessons at Bill's Music Center in Ashland, OH. I didn't get "serious" about guitar until my Dad surprised me with this cherry red Kay around 1983. Mom wasn't too thrilled about the purchase and it started a bit of an argument. My first amp was a single...
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    Another List of Bands

    7. Ohio Players