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    Hamilton v Verstappen

    No. On another note, haven't you clowns realized this is a show by now? You are watching a reality show.
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    Hamilton v Verstappen

    F1.. the original Influencers.
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    Hamilton v Verstappen

    *Gentle elevator music*
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    Hamilton v Verstappen

    That Checo-Hamilton exchange was the shizzle. Toto sittin' there knowing he's the shizzle.
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    Never honk at fat Russell Crowe

    That pretty-much sums it up, thank you sir. I would add, social media didn't exist back then, however it is contributing to the fracturing in this time.
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    D'Addario Strings Good Customer Service

    Second that. I've been using tens for over twenty years now, and when I felt the need to deal with customer service they were great.
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    Never honk at fat Russell Crowe

    I met Rusty when I worked on his aircon. He didn't throw any objects at me; he was quite cordial. If you have seen 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts you will know he is a Gretsch fan.
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    Hamilton v Verstappen

    I understand that it's had its moments, like the condo car stacker, turn two at Monza. What I mean is, it wouldn't even be close if they hadn't changed the rules. Which is what they feel they need to do in order to 'manufacture' excitement. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed it. But it's just...
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    Hello from Chicago

    Welcome! Which vest are you using? This is my current fave: Haha just joking. I just came back from shopping for a gift for my Best Girl at Lootie Vuitton. Sorry, I do sincerely welcome you. Humor is one way of dealing with these things.
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    Hamilton v Verstappen

    Merc will prevail, provided there are no catastrophes. Their team is superior. It's just the way it is at the moment. F1 is boring and predictable.
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    It's so ugly and yet so beautiful, so impractical and yet so enticing...

    I like it in terms of creativity. You don't have to want to be seen with it in public to like it.
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    Trip to Guitar Center, etc. etc.

    For what it's worth, I have only ever received friendly, courteous service from the people at Guitar Center Chicago. I think the guitar is nice, however probably wouldn't personally outlay the cash and strap it on.
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    Action, Orson please ?

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    It's snowing in Boise.

    I always enjoy the first snow. We don't have any snow in the forecast here in gang-land for the next week.
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    Hamilton v Verstappen

    If you want to smell the fumes, watch Indycar. It's more pure and there's less wank.