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    I believe some fool done lost their mind.

    Three times the ugly.
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    Having A Telecaster Custom Built - Need Your Expertise - what would you recommend as the best pickups for classic sound?

    My favorite Tele pickups are the Custom Shop Nocaster pickups. Absolutely amazing sound, and I also like that they’re reverse wound, so they’re hum-canceling in the middle position.
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    American Original is gone... and nothing was announced to replace it

    Are you sure you’re in the right forum?
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    New Issue Vintera 70s Telecaster Deluxe- Please suggest tuner replacements.

    Schaller makes some drop-in replacement F-style tuners. I used them on my 72 AVRI Thinline and Telecaster Custom, and they were a real improvement. They fit so exactly that you can swap the F tuner cover with the Schaller. No new holes need to be drilled or anything...
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    N(u)GD: Orange garnished with mint

    That looks great! I think it would look good with a rosewood neck, too.
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    New American Pro II Tele Deluxe- Pickup Issues? Suggestions for New Humbuckers?

    Lollar pickups are amazing! I have one in my avatar guitar. It’s a mini-humbucker. I’m sure the full-size humbuckers sound great, too.
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    NGD - Dave's Guitar Shop Limited Edition American 1962 reissue Telecaster - Vintage Blonde

    Very cool! I had one that looked like that in college. It’s one I wished I didn’t have to sell back then!
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    Talk me into vintage 6 saddle bridges, or out of 3 barrel ones

    All of my Telecasters (except for my 72 Thinline) have vintage-style 3-saddle bridges. I’ve put compensated brass saddles on all of them, and they sound great! No problems whatsoever with tuning or intonation. And I prefer the brass to the steel saddles that a couple of them came with.
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    NGD 60’s AO Telecaster LPB

    Nice! Those are great guitars!
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    G&L ASAT special Tribute unusually tall frets???

    Have you tried a regular G&L?
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    How accurate is the black Fender 5 hole Pure Vintage pickguard?

    I bought one for my American Original 50s Telecaster, and I thought it looked great.
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    Oberheim DX Drum Machine

    Wow, how cool! It has pretty decent drum sounds if I remember correctly.
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    Your Pure Stock Electric Guitars. Bought New. Zero Alterations.

    Every time I buy a Telecaster, I put on compensated brass saddles and an Electrosocket jack. I do have a Rickenbacker that I haven’t modified. I did have to get it refinished because the conversion varnish was flaking off the back and the neck.
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    Eric Clapton a Telecaster fan ?

    I’ve read that Steve Winwood playing a Strat had a big influence on Clapton.