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    Looking for a custom part

    TESI makes great kill switches. I put one in a custom plate I had made for my sons Tele!
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    GOT inspired Tele build.

    The Turtle people didn’t make the neck. Musikraft did @ $690. Certainly not the cheapest route but a stunning neck will cost you!!
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    GOT inspired Tele build.

    As far as my shop goes it’s just a garage with scattered equipment. I’ll take a few photos later.
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    GOT inspired Tele build.

    Thank you all for the kind words! Here’s a video of my son with a song he wrote and plays all instruments but keys on. You’ll see glimpses of this guitar throughout. He recorded all guitar parts with this guitar.
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    GOT inspired Tele build.

    Yes, I machined the entire body from a blank piece of wood. I had the patterns made from an Autocad DXF file out of 1/4” aluminum.
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    GOT inspired Tele build.

    Switch seems easy to use and no noticeable popping noises. It’s not used a lot either so time will tell how robust the switch is.
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    Bigsby Autocad file for Telecaster?

    A bit more info. I’m building a Tele for a friend that wants a Bigsby. I actually fab the body from a blank so I have a blank slate to work with. I’ve done some brief investigation and see there’s a few different bridge configuration you can use with a Bigsby. One comes with a Jaguar type bridge...
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    Bigsby Autocad file for Telecaster?

    Does anyone have an Autocad layout on where to place a B5 Bigsby tailpiece on a telecaster?
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    Let's say you just drilled through the headstock..

    Furniture scratch stick is your answer. I’ve done a lot of cabinet work and the wax sticks you get when purchasing new cabinets fill brad nail holes incredibly well. Cheap, easy and un-noticeable.
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    Can you guys help me date this tele?

    Not sure of much else but the switch. It appears to be a CRL1452 from the 50’s/early 60’s. If so it’s worth ~ 250-300 bucks.
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    Is there a one-stop-shop for guitar electronics?

    I’ll second Guitar Electronics. Good selection quality parts reasonable shipping.
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    Repairing a vintage CRL 1452

    Years ago I was looking for a CRL 1452 for my 1960 Telecaster Custom and came across a broken one with an extra CRL 2190 switch for parts for $15. The 2190 is basically the same switch except it has temporary positions for 1 and 3 and is fixed in position 2. I bought them and put them away while...
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    Any masterbuilt owners here?

    Love me that Tremoverb but you’re right, it weighs a ton! I recently bought a Suhr PT15 IR that I’m really liking. And only 24lbs.