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    Rimini (italy)
    Your amps and other gear:
    1956 Fender Harvard
    1966 Fender Super Reverb BF
    1959 Fender Telecaster top loader
    1966 Telecaster Olympic White
    1969 Telecaster Olympic White
    1988 40th Custom Shop Telecaster Sunburst
    Born in 1968, Stefano Sammaritani (nicked "Ciccio") plays Soul, R & B, Blues and Funk guitar, inspired to the American sound of the'60s and'70s.

    Grew up together musically and thanks to a (schoolfriend in high school) Antonio Patanè (estimated pianist and sound engineer), the great rock guitar Davide Cortellini (who gave me the first rudiments in technical and the first amps to sound). And watching hours and hours in the action everlasting Daniel Angelini (one of the best Italian Guitarists), a great example of technique and how you're on stage.

    My great inspiration, has always been the great Steve Cropper of Booker T. & MG's, which made me discover a way of playing the Telecaster, simple and sentimental.
    Thanks Steve, not by chance "the British music magazine Mojo has elected the second greatest guitarist of all time (first Jimi Hendrix)".

    From 1988 (after having heard for the first time Everybody needs somebody performed by Blues Brothers) I played almost exclusively R & B from the mythical "Swindle Blues Band" that It survived for about 10 years with a rotation of about 150 musicians such as I had the honor of playing with Giordano Bruno Luise' (the Italian heir to James Brown, the greatest soul voice I have ever heard in Italy), Francesco Aluigi, Paolo Sgallini (great bluesman), Max Cosmico (original bluesman of modern times), Fab "Pippo" Flisi (Hammond), Mimmo Evangelista, Gianluigi Durante, Daniele Ravagli, Michele Parma, Luciano Marzi, Fedra Papaniaros, Alessandro Valentini, Onorino Tiburzi, Daniel Angelini (first one guitar band) and many others.

    More wonderful experiences of the band were "Soul Witness" with the honour of Sam Gambarini (now hammond thick world), Luca Di Stefano, Riccardo Gallo, and "Soul Papers" by the great Giuseppe Lombi and Daniele Romani (Hammond) with I also played the trumpet for some time and arranging the brass section.

    In my life special guest stars are friends "Ciccio" and Massimo of L.E.G.G.Guitars (exceptional instruments builder), Stefano Bisognani (great guitarist, best friend & guitar setup), Matteo Mecalli (surfine electronic), Boris Casadei (my teacher and great young blues guitar), which enable me to play and grow still.
    Finally thanks to the glorious Leo Fender to have invented the Telecaster guitar, the instrument that changed the face of music, and so I sometimes exciting to tears when i'm playing it...