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    Hair you do anything about it?

    My dad and both younger brothers are pretty much completely bald and have been since their 20’s. I’m close to 52 [emoji15] and still have a pretty good amount of hair, although my forehead has been slightly growing over the years and I’m starting to get a few “highlights” in my sideburns...
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    Is my neck twisted? If so, need I worry?

    The more I look at your picture the more it looks like what you're seeing is the nut is taller on the bass side and slopes down on the treble side. Try taking a look at it again without the nut in the photo and it looks straight.
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    Is my neck twisted? If so, need I worry?

    I wouldn't really know what to look for to see if a neck is twisted just by eyeing it, but the measurements and methods mentioned by earlier posters would help. I know I can't tell from your pictures. From what I know about Taylors, I think it's highly unlikely that the neck is twisted.
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    Good accoustic pick up

    I have one guitar with a K&K Pure Mini and one with a Baggs Lyric. They both sound great. Neither needs a pre-amp. I just plug right into my acoustic amp/PA and use the knobs on it to make adjustments. The Lyric probably sounds just a little better, and it has a battery and a volume control...
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    Complement to Martin Dread? (Need another guitar)

    Those are two nice Martins. I know you'll enjoy them. What is your next one going to be?:D
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    Ok, so whats your next gig and gear...

    Wow. This thread has really grown since the last time I checked in. Here’s my setup for my next gig, which is a actually the same setup as the last gig. Carvin Stagemate with extension speaker. Shure SM58 Martin HD-28 with K&K Pure Mini (The lights belong to the venue but I might get some...
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    Church Installs Transporter To Teleport Worship Band Onto Stage During Closing Prayer

    That's funny! We don't do that at our church (the band was always in the choir loft, out of sight, anyway) but I can just see that happening and it's cracking me up right now.
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    Guild acoustic

    My kids want nothing to do with my guitars. Maybe one day I'll have grandkids and they'll show an interest. I picked it up from my grandfather and he bought me my first real guitar.
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    How Many Acoustics Do You Have?

    I also have a Dm3. I don’t know the exact year but I’ve always believed it to be from 1984. I hardly play it now but it’s the guitar I learned on and brings back lots of fond memories. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    May have to stop posting here....

    That's funny--I used to always think about that. Sometimes people would comment, "You guys sounded great but you sure were loud!" to which I would ask, "How loud? Louder than the organ at the other services?" The answer to that would usually be "Well...uh...I... Ok! See you next week!"
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    Which Model of Martin is that

    I haven't seen the movie but I think remember someone on another forum saying it was a Martin CEO-7:
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    May have to stop posting here....

    Our church band went away a couple of years ago. Sometimes I miss playing but what I don't miss are the ego trips, drama, and all the headaches involved. I have to say I don't mind just sitting in the congregation listening to the organist and the choir.
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    Breaking Bad fans: did you know about this???

    I liked it overall, but the physical appearance of some of the actors threw me. I would see a familiar character (Todd) and think, "Wow! He looks a lot different after 10 years!" and then realize the story takes place the same day as the series ended.
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    Breaking Bad fans: did you know about this???

    I just finished watching it. I always liked Pinkman because he’s seemed like he was a good guy deep inside and even though he wanted to get out of the business, he kept getting sucked back in. It wasn’t a riveting suspenseful crime drama, but it was good to see what became of Jessie. And it...
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    Best acoustic (used or new) for under 3k

    Actually you can get a new D-18 for about $1,800 if you know where to look and how to ask. I have a 2015 D-18 and it's really all I could ever ask for in a guitar. I bought it brand new and got a great deal on it.